Lib Dems welcome phone mast u-turn

Today Cambridge City Council has approved the erection of a phone antenna on Bridge House to replace the one which has been located on the city council car park in Park Street.

It had rejected the same application in November last year.  The council intends to demolish the car park in order to build a new aparthotel and had struck an agreement with the phone company to locate a new 30m high mast on the tennis courts on nearby Jesus Green, which resulted in large public protests.

On behalf of the Lib Dem ward councillors who had campaigned against the phone mast being erected on Jesus Green, Cllr Katie Porrer said:

"Only in November the council rejected this same application to put the antenna on Bridge House, so news of this U-turn is really welcome.

"It is a tribute to all those city residents who campaigned so hard to avert the phone mast being erected on the Jesus Green tennis courts, which would have been a truly outrageous outcome. Over 2000 signed our recent petition. Hopefully the Labour administration will now tear up the agreement it had already struck with the phone companies to permit them to put it on Jesus Green - and we will never hear of the idea again!

"They still must co-operate to ensure the new antenna can be installed before they start their car park demolition. This has shaken trust in the council as custodian of our public open spaces and it does now need to examine how tunnel-vision in its role as developer led to such an inversion of priorities and such a close shave.” 

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