Plan for Ombudsman to monitor aircraft noise backed by Huppert

MP Julian Huppert has backed a plan to set up an Independent Aircraft Noise Ombudsman which should give extra support to people living near Cambridge and Stansted Airports.

The new ombudsman will work with the government and industry to bring about a balance between the demand for new flights and noise control.

It comes just months after Cambridge Airport operators, Marshalls were asked to provide a Noise Action Plan by the Civil Aviation Authority after announcing increased flights.

Julian said: “Cambridge and Stansted Airports are hugely valuable providing employment for thousands of people but we have to strike a balance between employment and commercial interest and the quality of life for people living nearby.

“The new ombudsman should create a greater trust between airport operators and residents providing a clear exchange of information, advice and the confidence that grievances will be addressed. It is an excellent body through which information can be channelled and questions answered.”

The idea has been put forward by London First and has been backed by a range of stakeholders including Virgin Atlantic and the Stop Stansted Expansion campaign group.

The ombudsman would be answerable through Ministers to Parliament and work to a mandate drawn up in consultation with all interested parties.

It would advise on the noise consequences of proposed changes to flight patterns, advise on how best to compensate those experiencing noise, identify how best to monitor noise and how best to mitigate and, where possible, reduce noise. It would also mediate in disputes.

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