74% of Cambridge residents voted for the UK to remain within the EU.

Julian is a passionate pro-European, and has vowed to fight against Brexit. Liberal Democrats nationally are leading the charge against Brexit, particularly in light of the Labour party’s confused stance on the issue.

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Health & Social Care

Nurses.jpgOur health and care services are at breaking point and urgently need investment to ensure they can continue to provide high quality care, now and in the future. Staff are working hard in a broken system, and need decent pay. 

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Liberal Democrats believe that education is the key to giving children the best start in life. It’s therefore vital that our local schools have the funding they need to support young people.

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Local Housing


Housing in Cambridge is extremely expensive, and this is causing huge problems for many people. It has to be a priority to tackle – otherwise Cambridge could simply price itself out of the market, with many people unable to afford to live here.

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Climate Change


Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our times. We need to eliminate carbon emissions and move towards a zero-carbon economy as quickly as possible. Our future depends on it.

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Digital Rights

conference.jpgWe face an enormous challenge in today's world: How to protect people's civil rights in the digital age. The Liberal Democrats have led the way pushing for the development of effective policies.  As MP for Cambridge, Julian was very vocal after the Snowden revelations that intelligence services were collecting citizens' data on a mass scale, calling for a fundamental review of our surveillance laws. He led the only debate Parliament had about this.

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Greener Transport


An active transport model based around cycling, walking and public transport could deliver benefits for our economy, the environment and our health. At the same time this could help to ease congestion on our roads.

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Foreign Policy & Aid


Our world faces many challenges. Extreme poverty continues to blight the lives of hundreds of millions, and wars continue to run rife in many countries. It is immoral for us to stand by and do nothing.

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