Prime Minister backs Huppert’s call to Get Britain Cycling

24 April, 2013 1 Comment

Prime Minister David Cameron has backed the call from Cambridge MP, Julian Huppert to Get Britain Cycling.

Mr Cameron said he hoped local authorities would do more to encourage cycling after a report, led by Julian, called on the government to lead a drive for 10 per cent of all journeys in Britain to be by bike by 2025.

Julian said during Prime Minister’s Question Time in the House of Commons today (Wednesday, April 24): “Today sees the publication of the APPG report, Get Britain Cycling which calls for leadership from the top on this issue.

“Will the Prime Minister look at the report, will he make sure that he produces a cross-departmental action plan and will he give his personal commitment to leadership to Get Britain Cycling?”

Mr Cameron said that Julian was “absolutely right and the House should heed what he says.

“We should be doing much more in our country to encourage cycling. I think this report has many good points in it.

“I would commend what the Mayor of London has done in London to promote cycling and I hope will authorities will follow his lead in making sure that we do more.”

Julian said later: “This report draws together all the evidence from the experts to tell us what we need to do to encourage cycling in this country; but it is up to the government to take it forward.

“The Prime Minister has recognised the value of the report but I want to make sure he does more than just pay lip service to it. I want to see a positive and robust action plan put in place so that every government department thinks about cycling every step of the way; only then will see real change.”


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  • Marcus Churchill: April 24, 2013 10:03 pm

    From the Prime Minister’s response, it sounds like he just doesn’t get it.
    HE needs to take the lead and get a grip on the issue and not just sit by and not just `hope’ authorities take on board your excellent recommendations.
    I hope this isn’t another delaying tactic by the PM, but fear in 10 years little will have improved.

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