Radegund Road Survey Results

Thank you for responding to our survey last month and for all the issues you raised and suggestions for improvement.


Overall there was a good response to the survey, with most responses coming from residents living on Radegund Road itself. Generally, there was agreement in people’s responses as to the issues facing the road, but varying opinions to the possible solutions.


There was general agreement in the responses that traffic and parking is a problem on Radegund Road, with particular emphasis on people parking on the road to drop off and pick up their children at the schools, and parking to use the mosque at the top of the road. Cyclists safety was also brought up by several residents, concerned at the danger of pulling off their drive with limited visibility due to parked cars, with several road users expressing concern at the dangers of cycling on the road as they had to weave between the parked cars and traffic calming. There was an additional concern from residents of people persistently cycling on the pavement, making it dangerous for pedestrians.


The existing yellow lines, bollards, and traffic calming were all seen as generally positive improvements to the road, although some residents were not happy at the appearance of the bollards, and pointed out that the bollards do not stop people parking on the verges entirely. Several people also highlighted out a problem with the yellow line restrictions being enforced.


There were many suggested solutions to improve the safety of Radegund Road. Users of the road were generally in favour of yellow lines all along the road, with a fully segregated cycle lane, as residents have space to park cars on their drives. But many residents appreciate having the flexibility to park on the road when necessary, are against a full residents parking scheme, and many expressed strong opinions to keep the grass verges as they are. Many were in favour of some restrictions around school times, but there was no consensus on what those restrictions might be.


It is likely that, should this road be improved, some compromise would be required. One such compromise might be to disallow parking on the road to enable a relatively safe cycle path to be added along the full length of the road, with a few sections of the grass verge converted into parking bays with maximum waiting times during school times, although several other options exist.


The road is on a main route identified for improvement in the City Deal, although no firm date for that work has been set yet, and potential future parking changes to Davy Road or Tiverton Way may also include small improvements to Radegund Road. Any such changes would involve an area-wide survey and consultation by the County Council, as this road is used by people from across the city.


There were several issues brought up that I will be raising with the Council, such as parking enforcement, and I will be discussing with my Liberal Democrat colleagues how the road could be improved in the future. I will, of course, keep you informed of any developments made in this area by the Council.


Many thanks again to everyone who replied to the survey. If you have any further questions, please do get in touch.

Simon Cooper

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