Lib Dems announce £5.7m fund to repair every school in Cambridgeshire

The Liberal Democrats have announced they would invest in repairing every local authority primary school in Cambridgeshire, as part of a £17bn investment fund over the next parliament to fix hospitals and schools in England. Julian and Shirley Williams met with Cambridge parents to discuss the potential impact of this investment.

The Lib Dem plan comes as figures reveal that in Cambridgeshire there are a total of 913 repairs needed across 130 primary schools equalling a total of £5.7m.


These repairs include over 200 damaged roofs and windows and other repairs to electrical goods, heating and plumbing.

The new infrastructure fund would give an extra £5.7m for schools in England, enough to repair every school to allow them to focus spending on education rather than maintenance.  

Julian commented: 

"Under Theresa May’s Conservatives, our children are being taught in crumbling schools and our sick and elderly are being cared for in overcrowded hospitals. It doesn’t have to be like this. We will invest an additional £5.7m in our schools, enough to repair every primary school in Cambridgeshire.

"This will allow school budgets to be spent on books, teachers and equipment instead of being diverted to fix leaking roofs. This week, you can elect Liberal Democrat MPs who will stand up for our communities, schools and hospitals."

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