Residents given chance to “take the floor” in Parliament

2 July, 2012 No Comments

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert is giving residents the chance to “take the floor” in Parliament by suggesting an issue which he can raise as a Private Member’s Bill.

Julian was given the opportunity after being drawn in the House of Commons’ ballot and he will introduce a Bill under the so-called ’10 minute rule’.

This gives him the opportunity to propose a bill on almost any subject, and make a 10 minute speech to Parliamentarians in the House of Commons in favour of it. Another MP may oppose the Bill in a similar short statement and there will be a vote, if anyone objects. In principle, the Bill could continue to make progress through Parliament and become law, although this is in fact very rare, except for very uncontroversial issues

Julian needs to decide on a subject for his Bill by Tuesday, July 3 but it cannot raise taxes or have spending money as a principal aim. He has asked residents across the city to come up with suggestions.

“This is a good opportunity to prompt discussion on a subject,” said Julian. “Realistically it’s unlikely to go any further through the Bill process, unless it is totally uncontroversial, but it offers the chance for national exposure on an important issue.

“I am sure the people of Cambridge have plenty of ideas of subjects where they would like to pass a new law and I would like to hear them.”

Anyone wishing to put forward a subject for the Bill can contact Julian’s constituency office by email on [email protected] before Tuesday, July 3.

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