Residents Ignored by Labour over Shopmobility


Last night, a petition calling on Cambridge Labour Party to scrap their unfair Shopmobility charges was presented to a meeting of the City Council.

Pictured above is local resident Sue Simms, who spoke on behalf of over 1000 petitioners.

Incredibly, Labour councillors again said no.

This, despite over a thousand petitioners asking them to think again, and a two-thirds drop in service usage, meaning that 750 people with disabilities are being forced out of Cambridge city centre.

The expression goes: “If you find you’re in a hole, stop digging”. It's one the Labour executive don’t seem to have heard. We are going to have to keep up our campaign to get this policy reversed. 

At the same meeting, councillors happily voted through £1million for anti-poverty projects. This feels to us like hypocrisy when it would cost a much smaller sum to stop these mean-minded charges which are actively harming the quality of life of the poorest of people who are already disadvantaged by disability. 





We aren’t going to let this rest. Please click to share our petition on Facebook or Twitter or forward this post to get your friends and neighbours and colleagues to sign, if they haven’t already done so. 

If you’d like to come out and help us gain more signatures, please do get it touch.

Thank you for your continuing support.

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