Ridgeons-brief-1-doc.jpgAfter two workshops involving local residents and councillors, a draft document has been drawn up giving supplementary planning guidance to those who wish to develop the Ridgeon’s site on Cromwell Road.  This will go out to public consultation for six weeks starting on 18th  


Major points to note are:

  • There will be one access for vehicles – the present entrance to the site on Cromwell Road though a second one, also onto Cromwell Road, could be used in an emergency
  • Additional accesses for pedestrians and cyclists including onto Cavendish Road
  • The Chisholm Trail will go through the site
  • There is a sizeable area of green space in the centre of the site
  • Buildings on the eastern and southern edges of the site will be 2/3 stories high only so they do not dominate the present housing.
  • Buildings on the western side, next to the railway, may be taller.

After the period of consultation, comments will be considered and the final document produced.  This will then go through the formal City Council procedure and be ready for adoption. Meanwhile the Local Plan continues its somewhat slow progress towards adoption.  As part of this, the objection lodged by a group of residents to the numbers of houses proposed for the site, will be considered by the Inspector and ruled on. The Ridgeon’s Supplementary Planning Document will have to wait until the Local Plan is fully adopted.  So it is likely to about a year before the process is complete.

“It is important to get the development right on this important site,” commented Cllr Catherine Smart, “so I am glad I insisted that they had to do a Planning Brief and that this was written into the draft  Local Plan.”

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