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Rory Clark - Lib Dem Campaigner for King's Hedges

I have lived in Cambridge since I was a young child, and it’s a city that I love dearly. I am standing because our city deserves better than the current administration is offering.

I have worked on local and citywide campaigns from outside the council, and I believe I would be able to make even more progress for the people of King’s Hedges and Cambridge.

I am passionate about tackling the climate crisis, and I have been disappointed by the lack of action by the current administration.

As an accredited Green Lib Dem candidate, I have a wealth of knowledge and insight that I can offer for both King’s Hedges and the whole city of Cambridge. Combining this with my knowledge of local issues, and transport solutions, I believe we can create a just and ambition transition to net zero in our city, driven primarily by emissions reductions, not just offsetting.

I worked closely with Cllr Payne, to develop and write our motion to tackle drink spiking. It was a comprehensive piece of legislation, and it was disappointing to see it watered down by the current administration.

By electing myself and other Lib Dems, we would be able to pass more comprehensive motions, which truly tackle the issues at hand, rather than sidestepping them, like the current administration does.

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