Sarah Brown for Petersfield 2018

Sarah has lived most of her life in Cambridge and is now based with her family in Petersfield, near the railway station. She was a city councillor for Petersfield from 2010 to 2014 and served in the Liberal Democrat administration as Executive Councillor for Community Well-being, overseeing community development, sports and public health. 

Among her proudest achievements were starting free swimming lessons for underprivileged children and her key role in introducing the 20mph limit for residential streets across the city. 

During her time on the council, she served on the Board of Tour de France UK which brought the iconic race to the streets of Cambridge.

As a councillor she provided a positive role model for transgender people and helped to mark Cambridge out as a place where equalities are valued in a way which has been proven to work in practice for all.

She serves on the board of the Kite Trust, a Cambridgeshire based charity which works with young lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, and advises Stonewall on policy and campaigns.

In her spare time, Sarah likes to indulge her passions for sailing and mountaineering.