Liberal Democrats believe that education is the key to giving children the best start in life. It’s therefore vital that our local schools have the funding they need to support young people.

When MP for Cambridge, Julian campaigned for fairer funding for Cambridgeshire schools. He secured an additional £23.2 million for schools locally and also supported important policies such as the Pupil Premium and free school meals. 

Liberal Democrats have announced a commitment to invest £7bn in schools and colleges in the next Parliament. This funding will help to ensure that no school in Cambridge should be forced to lose any teacher, as they are currently having to do.

There also needs to be a change in how education is currently done. Teachers are too often undervalued, and forced to teach to Ofsted, not to educate the pupils. Excessive testing – especially in primary schools – is damaging to pupils, and misses the point of what education is all about.

The Tory obsession with grammar schools and vanity free schools is also harming education, and wasting huge sums of money.

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