Selected Local Highways bids for Chesterton 2020

As detailed in I (as the County Councillor for the area) have to select five bids to go forward to the next stage of the Local Highways Improvements process.


Chosen bids

The post above outlines the criteria I used, so I will simply list out the bids I've chosen here:

Replacement streetlighting - 1 in Fallowfield, 1 at the Lent's Way/May's Way junction, 2 on Orchard Avenue.
Hurst Park estate - extension of double yellow lines at multiple junctions.
Traffic calming on Fallowfield.
Double yellow lines at Chestnut Grove.
Make Herbert Street - Ferry Path route safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Making a choice from the large number of ideas was not easy. The ones I've chosen are spread across the Division geographically, are a mix of different types of improvements and represent the sort of projects that have got funding in the past.

Next steps

These five bids are now assessed and costed in more detail by the County Council. Depending on the feasibility after that, they go forward to a scoring panel in Jan/Feb 2021, and those that get the highest scores at that get funded, up to the limit of the overall budget.

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