Sewage Works Development Update 2

milton_water_treatment.jpegSince my last update we've had two further meetings of the forum, and a draft of the framework was due for presentation to Councillors at the end of November, however this has now been delayed due to the General Election.

This has also impacted on the timescale for this planning phase.  More details when we have them.

I've attempted to summarise what is being discussed in this blog post - this is very high level and brief.

1.  How will decisions be made about the density of buildings on the site?

The officers intend to use the work on Superdensity - - to inform this.  In the being-written paper on 'typology' (classification of different housing types) they will include supersdensity figures for nearby Cambridge developments like Orchard Park.

2.  School design/Choice

Theres been discussion about how a school could be accomodated within such a housing development - with options for multi storey, condensed, designs.  An example in London was shown, and I'm going to follow up with academic contacts to find the evidence base for the impacts (positve or negative) on students in learning in such environments.

There has also been much discussion around whether or not a secondary school on site is desireable or needed.  This continues, but Councillors on the Councillor forum gave a strong indication that it should be considered.

3.  Effect of the new development on views across the local area

This relates to 1. but is about how many high building there are, and of what height.  Multiple views of the potential new development have been created to model the effects.

4.  Current community facilities and desired community facilities

The officers have started putting togethert a map of community facilites in the area.  This replicates work already done at the County Council by the Communities and Partnerships commitee - I (Cllr Ian Manning) have linked these two things up.

5.  Transport assessment

This was presented to the most recent meeting.  Perhaps the most important, and new, aspect, is the transport trip budget - which will be used to limit and hold developers to account for the amount of parking they provide. This isn't just on the new housing, but also the Science Park and Business Park as well as the hotels and surrounging developments.

The headline number is that there will be 0.5 parking spaces per dwelling.  I'm concerned that officers learn from previous areas where this has been got around via land ownership rights (residents being able to parkon freehold land for example).

Presentation from officers:

We also stressed the need to consider the impact on nearby areas of cars parking, eg Waterbeach, Milton.

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