Shahida Rahman for East Chesterton

Shahida Rahman was born and raised with her four siblings in Cambridge and is of Bangladeshi herit age. Her father settled in Cambridge in 1957 and was a successful restaurateur.  Shahida herself has lived in Chesterton since 1976 and has four children.

She is a successful, published, award winning author (best known for historical novel Lascar), publisher and is an education professional with a passion for supporting students to reach their full potential. She is a regular contributor to BBC Radio and is a blogger for the Huffington Post. She is active in equality and diversity and speaks regularly promoting unity and working across
cultural boundaries as here at an anti-Trump rally. She recently spoke about asian suffragettes at the CamVote 100 events. She is  also a community and Child Protection Governor at Chesterton Community College where her daughter is currently in Year 9. Shahida was once a student there herself. She is a trustee for 2 charities.

Author, Writer and Publisher. Liberal Democrat councillor candidate for East Chesterton, Cambridge.