Should the Tow Path be altered?

The City Deal "Greenways" project is proposing a cycle/walking link from Waterbeach to Cambridge.  This would come near to Chesterton, and possibly use the Halingway.

We'd like your thoughts on whether it should or not, and if it should, would you want to make changes to the tow path as part of it?


CLick here for a link to the project's official page

There are a number of things to consider, such as:

1)  Is the Halingway the best route?

2)  If the route went the other side of the river, would people using the Halingway anyway

3)  If there are lots of fast (commuter) cycle movements along it, does it need widening?  Lighting?

4)  What are the potential ecological impacts of the answers to 3) ?

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