Some good news - Drain repairs, Speed hump repairs and making the High Street mini round about safer

key_miniroundabout.pngI’m pleased to give you three pieces of good news; I’ve secured funding for some local improvements in Chesterton.

After I was successful in bidding for funds last year, the centre of the mini roundabout linking High Street, Green End Road & Water Lane will be raised to try and combat speeding and dangerous driving at that location - particularity with cars cutting through the centre.

The speed humps on the High Street will all be repaired in sequence, with the easily-damaged brick designs being replaced with standard ashphalt (concrete). I did a limited consultation (limited by it being during the pandemic) on this online - this is the option that would see this and drainage works come in within maintenance budgets

Finally, the number of blocked drains will be properly worked on, hopefully fixing the drainage issues that happen ever year.

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