Statement on refugee crisis

Tim_Bick.jpgCambridge Liberal Democrat Leader, Tim Bick and Deputy Leader, Catherine Smart:

We are calling on Cambridge City Council to make an offer to provide homes for a number of refugee families as part of a national response to the crisis engulfing Europe and the Middle East


Cambridge has a proud tradition of humanitarianism and offers like this must re-inforce the same at national level. If cities and towns across the country can each contribute according to their size, then Britain can pull its proper weight in the light of an unprecedented situation.

We should not be found wanting when the focus of our sympathy needs to turn to practical help.

All local authorities like Cambridge currently suffer financial constraints and we should expect government assistance to support our offer and a discussion must be opened about that right away. But as a relatively prosperous community we should also seek local public support from the enormous well of public concern that is showing itself.

To the extent we possibly can, we should draw on resources that will not set back meeting existing housing needs locally, which are already serious.

Like many Cambridge people we feel we cannot turn our back on the current crisis and that we must draw on our reserves, of energy and of finance to do the right thing. We look to the City Council to give a lead.




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