Tackling antisocial behaviour in Trumpington

On the doorsteps and in our mailboxes we are regularly receiving complaints from local residents about antisocial behaviour. We are well aware of ongoing discussions on social media, and we have experienced instances of ASB ourselves. While we cannot promise a quick fix at this point, we are working hard to explore all options to minimise the dangers and nuisance of ASB to our residents.

Antisocial behaviour in Trumpington and across the city (and especially along the Guided Busway and the Trumpington P&R) is a constant item on our agenda. It is regularly discussed at South Area Committee meetings, which is commonly attended by members of the police force. We would like to encourage our residents to participate in this committee, e.g. by submitting questions (https://democracy.cambridge.gov.uk/mgCommitteeDetails.aspx?ID=122, feel free to discuss this with your local councillors first).

We recently brought a motion to the City Council asking for more innovative technology (such as noise-sensitive cameras) and more cooperation among the different agencies to tackle antisocial driving around Cambridge (e.g. https://www.cambridgeindependent.co.uk/news/call-to-tackle-noisy-street-racing-across-cambridge-9221274/). Members of our team met with police officers at different sites around Trumpington, e.g. along the Guided Busway and chicken plot path to discuss street lighting and the possible installation of CCTV. As City Councillors we inform and advise the police, who can then make their independent decisions about the effectiveness of measures such as lighting and CCTV. They recently decided to patrol the Guided Busway and P&R at certain times, but unfortunately this is not a sustainable measure in the long run.

County Councillor Slatter has had detailed discussions with police and council officers about lighting and CCTV along the busway and at the P&R site, which has resulted in plans for short and medium term improvements. If you would like further details, please email her directly.

We would like to highlight again the importance of reporting instances of ASB using the web links below, with as much information as possible, even if it does not immediately lead to police action. These reports provide the police with objective information to guide the allocation of their limited resources, e.g. to find hotspots and peak times of antisocial behaviour.

Ultimately, we have to find ways to address the causes of antisocial behaviour. People who want to commit crimes or be antisocial will find ways to do so – if not on the Guided Busway or P&R then elsewhere. We want to provide Trumpington with better amenities and opportunities for social events, e.g. around Hobson Square, that can discourage people from antisocial activities in these areas in the first place.

We hope that together we can minimise the harm ASB is causing to so many of us.


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