Taylor quizzes County Council leader on refugee crisis action

Amanda_Taylor1.jpgLiberal Democrat Councillor, Amanda Taylor has spoken out on the refugee crisis, questioning the Leader of the County Council on what action the Council is taking in Cambridgeshire to help those fleeing across Europe to the county.

Cllr Taylor, who represents Cambridge’s Queen Edith's on Cambridgeshire County Council wanted assurances that the council was working with other local authorities, government agencies and voluntary organisations to make sure refugees arriving in the county were welcomed and supported. 

She posed her question to the County Council Leader, Steve Count saying: “David Cameron has offered to take 20,000 refugees over the next five years – a paltry number and about as many as Germany would take in one weekend. Nevertheless, it is critical to make sure we are properly supporting those who do come.” 

And she spoke about helping to set up a Cambridge group to support the refugees, which has been working on organising convoys and collecting clothing and supplies. 

She said it now has over 1,500 people who come from all over the county to help. It is notable how many of the most active and involved people are from the poorer parts of the county such as March and Ramsey.  

Cllr Count told her that the county council had been liaising with district council and social services about the refugee crisis especially with a view to supporting children and young people. 

He said the council was making sure it has school places and social care support, especially for trauma as well as help for Arabic speakers. The council is already a corporate parent for 37 refugee children, he said. 

Cllr Taylor asked him to keep everyone informed of what was happening and how they could help so that they could share information with the wider public. 

Later Cllr Taylor said: “So far our government has failed to show the level of support the refugees need. We are facing a crisis where people are literally fleeing for their lives and surviving in the most appalling conditions on their journey in the hope that they can find help to have a better, safer life. 

“In Cambridgeshire we are doing what we can to support them but I want to make sure that the county council as a whole is doing everything it can to help despite what is happening nationally.”


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