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  • @atimmoore tweeted link to City Centre Policing. 2019-06-14 08:47:43 +0100
    The Police and Crime Commissioner should honour his promise to retain a city centre police station. https://www.cambridgelibdems.org.uk/city_centre_police_station?recruiter_id=1225

    City Centre Police Station


    The Police plan to move their current southern divisional Police HQ out of Parkside in Cambridge City centre and relocate it to a site on the outskirts of the city, in Milton.

    563 signatures

    We call on the Police & Crime Commissioner to honour his promise to keep a smaller police station in the centre of Cambridge for its neighbourhood policing teams and to enable face-to-face contact for the public 24 hours a day.

    And we call on both the City Council and Police Commissioner to explore how the Police could share a city centre building with the council’s community safety and enforcement teams in order to better co-ordinate their operations.

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  • @atimmoore tweeted link to Save The Haven. 2018-12-28 00:41:17 +0000
    Sign the petition: Save The Haven. Another cut to the support services for those with severe long term mental health support needs, tailored accommodation, to allow long stay patients to live in our community, within their community. Will they thrive? http://www.cambridgelibdems.org.uk/save_the_haven?recruiter_id=1225

    Save The Haven

    We are writing to express our concern about the proposed closure of The Haven.

    603 signatures


    The Haven is a small sheltered housing complex for adults with severe and long-term mental health problems. Purpose-built and opened in 2005, it consists of eight self-contained flats, with communal rooms on the ground floor and an attractive garden. There is a Manager's office and a room for a carer to sleep overnight.

    The residents, men and women, have generally moved to their flats from long-stay Hospital care, and have often taken many months to learn to trust staff members and others, and to become confident members of the community – their small family sized Haven community, and also the local Queen Edith's community. They were given tenancies of their flats for life, and were told that they would not have to move again. They are supported by their own psychiatrists and CPNs (community psychiatric nurses) and have continued a recovery programme to become independent in their present familiar surroundings. None of them have close family members living locally and they look upon the Haven staff and residents as their family. The four full-time staff members provide 24 hour care, working night shifts, to deal with any queries or problems.

    If this very successful unit closes, the upheaval will have a profound impact on the lives and mental states of these vulnerable residents, who will take a long time to adjust to change and to learn to trust again. The dedicated and experienced staff will also lose their jobs.

    We urge all concerned to use their influence to get the decision-makers to keep The Haven open.



    Cllr Amanda Taylor at The Haven.


    This is a community petition hosted and supported by Cambridge LibDems. If you do not wish to sign online, paper copies are available at both churches on Wulfstan Way and at St John's on Hills Rd, Cambridge.

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  • posted about Shopmobility on Facebook 2018-07-01 13:44:42 +0100
    I call on Cambridge City Council to scrap the new charges for Shopmobility. Will you?

    Shopmobility Petition

    We the undersigned call on Cambridge City Council to withdraw and reconsider the charges for the use of Shopmobility which it introduced on 1st April.

    467 signatures


    Cambridge’s Shopmobility service lends mobility scooters to disabled and less mobile people to get around the city centre. This was free, but since 1st April it costs either £6 per trip plus a £48 annual subscription or £12 per trip without a subscription, by far the highest such charges in the region. 

    Social isolation is a major concern for those with reduced mobility and these unfair charges effectively close off the city centre to those at greatest risk.

    We the undersigned call on Cambridge City Council to withdraw and reconsider the charges for the use of Shopmobility which it introduced on 1st April.

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  • @atimmoore tweeted link to LED Streetlights. 2016-03-17 14:19:35 +0000

    LED Streetlights


    316 signatures

    Through regular conversations with residents here in Cambridge, we know many of you were deeply concerned at the prospect of street lights being turned off between midnight and 6am.

    That’s why we've fought so hard to keep lights on, and are launching our campaign to save lights the green way by investing in conversion to LED.

    Under our scheme, all street lights in Cambridge would convert to LED - slashing energy usage and cutting costs in half. This would mean streets remain lit and safe after dark, providing peace of mind to local people.

    But to secure greener street lighting we're going to need your support. Please back our campaign by signing the petition below.

    The more support among residents, the more likely it is that we can save street lights the green way, keep residents safe and protect the local environment in our city.

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  • posted about Do you have any more local issues on Facebook 2015-10-09 19:12:43 +0100
    I just took part in the Lib Dem consultation on Street lighting in Cambridge. You can too, using the link bellow

    Do you have any more local issues

    We love to hear from our constituents. If you have any local concerns we can help you with, please get in touch by filling out the form bellow. 

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