Tim Ward for Arbury

Tim WardTim Ward first arrived in Cambridge as a student, and has lived in Arbury since 1980. His day job is computer programming, and he has worked for a number of local companies, on the Cambridge Science Park and elsewhere.

Tim represented Arbury on Cambridge City Council from 2000 to 2014. During this time his achievements include some large projects such as the 20mph speed limit for most residential roads in Cambridge, and the provision of several hundred more bicycle parking spaces in the city centre, as well as changes to planning policy which have helped save a number of pubs in Cambridge, including the Carpenter's Arms in Arbury. On a smaller scale Tim got the City and County councils to make a number of changes which make moving around Arbury easier for disabled people and cyclists, such as new dropped kerbs and the removal of pram arms thus opening up shorter routes for mobility scooters, as well as helping local people with housing, planning and other issues.

"If re-elected, I will join with the Lib Dem group on the city council in challenging the poor job currently being done by the Labour administration.
Sometimes they can't even empty the bins, which is a pretty basic function of the city council! Labour are also failing to get to grips with key issues affecting the future of the city and dealing with its housing and traffic challenges, such as getting the Cambridge Local Plan through the inspection process, and getting some direction and control back into the City Deal".

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    Save Our Street Lights

    Controversial County Council proposals to switch off a large number of street lights between midnight and 6am in Cambridge have been met with anger from local residents.

    The Cambridge Liberal Democrats are campaigning against the blackout in an effort to keep residents safe.

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    Without street lights, people are unable to travel around safely at night, while cyclists will be in danger as roads become more hazardous to use.

    Lib Dem County Council leader, Lucy Nethsingha said, 'Turning the lights off during the early hours is dangerous and highly irresponsible. With such a high number of students and late-night commuters in Cambridge, I'm amazed anyone thinks this is a viable option'

    The Lib Dems want Cambridge to be sociable and safe, a city where residents can take advantage of all the leisure, culture and entertainment facilities which are on offer.  

    This is why we are campaigning against the Cambridge blackout and favour either keeping the lights on altogether, or opting to dim them in order to maintain enough light to keep late night travelers safe. If you agree, please sign the petition bellow. 

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