To build a green future we need to enormously boost sustainable forms of transport. I also want to encourage more people to cycle and walk to promote well-being and healthy living.

As Co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group, I’ve been lobbying the government to make a long-term investment in cycling. Our ‘Get Britain Cycling’ report called for government to commit to £10 per head cycling spending and ensure that 10% of journeys are made by bike by 2025, rising to 25% by 2050. I’m delighted they have been made official Lib Dem party policy.

I also lobbied the Government to introduce a Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy. I was very pleased they agreed to introduce one – future governments will now have to set targets to increase the amount people cycle and walk, and lay out how they intend to hit those targets.

Rail use should also be encouraged because it eases congestion and pollution. But I’m concerned our train fares are so high many find them unaffordable. They went up a massive 66% under Labour, and I am pleased that this government bring fares down so that now they only rise in line with inflation. But I want to make them go further and reduce them in real terms, and I’ve been pressing the Government to do this.

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