Triangle/"Irregular Rhomboid" parking controls - update 2018-03-25


I’m writing to update you on the situation with proposals for parking controls in your streets.

As you’re aware Jamie Dalzell has supported me, Cllr Ian Manning, in two meetings I held recently.

The plans developed by your previous Labour Councillor, are generally regarded as unacceptable, and a number of suggestions came out of those meetings. Read more for what a refresh on what came out of the meetings and the next steps.


These plans were:  

Springfield Road to George Street

Chesterton Hall Crescent to Hawthorn Way

We are keen to progress plans more quickly, but the initial plans were understandably unacceptable for some areas and therefore we are now working to ensure that the scheme has a stronger foundation plan before going to formal consultation.

Jamie Dalzell writes:

Surveying to find out how many commuters are currently using the area

Ian has managed to get agreement between the County Council and the DVLA such that we can pass them a list of number plates and they will give the first four letters of the postcode of the owner – allowing us to know how many are residents and how many are commuters.

If you can help with this survey please contact Ian and I using the details above.

Having a ‘zone’ rather than marked bays

There was some hope this would mean that there wouldn’t be such a loss of parking along the narrower streets (like Herbert Street), if we could turn the street into a cul de sac. However, it would only be the bays that go, the 1.8m width requirement for a space to park is still there: once parking controls are in place, the Council takes liability for blockages of the road; hence they have to stop parking on the other side to ensure the road isn’t blocked.

I’ve suggested to Ian he investigates whether a residents scheme could be drawn up such that the contract moved this liability onto those using the scheme, in order to allow controlled parking both sides, and he’s following that up.

Getting some extra parking spaces on Chesterton Road

After checking, both sides of Chesterton Road are part of the DeFeville parking scheme – so any spaces would become part of that. The only option to alter that would be altering the DeFreville scheme which would require a full consultation with those residents.

Other options: a number of people asked about becoming part of the DeFreville scheme – this would require agreement from residents there.

We’re going to keep following all this up, but as we’re about to enter the election period, it’ll be harder for us to update you. I do hope I’ve shown that I’m dedicated to helping you find a solution that isn’t imposed on you, keeps you fully informed and hopefully gives you a real choice for improving the area – a vote for Jamie Dalzell in May is a vote towards getting the best available solution for everyone.

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