Trumpington Volunteer Service


At the beginning of the pandemic, many people living in Trumpington, as everywhere else in the world, wanted to help their neighbours. Individuals put notes through doors in their streets and hundreds of small neighbourhood schemes sprang up, using WhatsApp and other social media. In Cambridge, the City Council supported local volunteer networks which developed in each ward to supplement the local government provision. Food hubs were set up and funds distributed, using existing neighbourhood groups and creating new ones.

In Trumpington, a ‘virtual’ network based on the website, and a very real, life-saving Food Hub at the Trumpington Pavilion were set up by Cllr Katie Thornburrow. 

Alongside this, a group of volunteers was established to respond to all sorts of requests for help, and you can read about their work here or better still, you can contact them here if you need help, or you want to help others.

The TVS could provide a good foundation for community projects as we ‘build back better’, coming out of the pandemic. Many people have discovered the pleasures and satisfactions that come from being of service to others, and some of the people we have helped are now able to help others. There is much to be done in a growing community, and many more people living here who can get together to improve our urban village.

As with allotments, the TVS includes people of all political parties and none who share the aims of the group and want to contribute to it. 

Liberal Democrats are often to be found initiating and sustaining community projects and campaigns, but they are not, of course, the only ones.

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