Cambridge Lib Dems win water conservation scheme approval

Cambridge City Liberal Democrats are celebrating the first successful opposition amendment to the City Council's housing budget in over a decade. 

The ruling Labour group and tenant representatives accepted their project to improve water conservation in the city's 7000 council homes.

The £50,000 scheme is focused on exploring water conservation options for existing council housing stock, to establish the feasibility and cost of water saving retrofitting measures, with a view to providing a practical lead that others can follow.

Lib Dem Housing spokesperson Cllr Anthony Martinelli commented: 

"We are delighted that the Council has agreed to fund our project to look at improving water conservation in our city. Council houses represent around 15% of homes in Cambridge so reducing our water footprint is really important for sustainability.

"We know that our region is one of the driest in the country and that this threatens the unique ecosystems in our area including the River Cam and our chalk streams. This work will mean we can look at options including increased provision of water-saving devices and initiatives such as greywater recycling, which will have the added benefit of saving money for tenants.

"We hope that the Council leading on this will prompt a bigger conversation in Cambridge about what other major accommodation providers, such as the universities, could do to help on this most pressing issue.

"Local politicians are often criticised for failing to work together, but on this occasion we were very pleased to win support from across the political spectrum. Though we continue to believe the Council needs to be much more radical on dealing with the climate crisis, this project is a step in the right direction and we look forward to seeing the results.”

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