West Chesterton Parking: combined scheme initial survey results


These are the results of the citizens jury.....read on for the initial results of the parking survey ( https://www.cambridgelibdems.org.uk/west_chesterton_parking_a_larger_scheme ) I'm reporting back initial results as of the time of writing.

As you'll note reading this it is now Wednesday, whereas I originally gave a deadline for responses of the 12th, with an intention of publishing a decision that sunday.

There were a very low number of responses from Arbury Road;  as Arbury Road was missed out of the initial drawings from a couple of years ago, residents there have not been as involved in discussions as those around the Triangle and Hurst Park Estate.  Therefore I allowed a couple of extra days to encourage responses.

A word about the data:  this is not a referendum, and I have not stopped people responding more than once from a single household, apart from to stop responses from fake email addresses, and/or obvious attempts at responding to the surey twice.

The headline results are as follows (numbers shown below are %s):

Question HPA Yes HPA No Tri Yes Tri No Overall Yes Overall No
Principle of residents parking 78 22 97.5 2.5 88 12
Support asking Ascham to expand 72 28 90 10 81 19
If Ascham say no, have a HPA+Tri area 54* 39* 80* 18* 67* 28*

 * note these doesn't sum to 100% as there was a third option;  I've followed up with those filling in that response.

Total responses were around 240, depending on the question (I have the detailed data).

For the car club question, there was also strong support to have car club spaces (75%).

This gives a clear steer to go ahead with the next stage, of asking Ascham to expand.  I'll be in touch about this, and next steps to support that, along with analysis of the other questions, very soon.

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