West Chesterton parking upate 2019-08-17

Further to my last update on parking controls in West Chesterton http://bit.ly/chestertonparking201907 this is a further update.

My intention is to ask residents of the chesterton triangle area and hurst park areas if they are willing to go ahead to ask the Ascham area if it will expand to be one large scheme covering all three areas.

At the meeting I held on 2019-07-14 I gave an approximate timescale of a month from the meeting on 2019-07-20 to make decisions, including going back to residents with options. Since that point I have:

1) Gone through the substantive feedback from both these meetings, both in terms of individual cases and in terms of the interaction between potential parking controls and the potential of changes to Arbury Road
2) Had 7 meetings with individuals, businesses and organisations about both potential changes and the individual issues raised
3) From 2) followed up a number of technical queries
4) Had residents arrange a survey of current on street parking capacity in the Hurst Park Area

I have two more meetings to attend about the parking w/c 2019-08-19. After that point I intend to survey residents as follows, giving as much information (capacity, timings) on each option as possible:

To residents in the Chesterton Triangle area - knowing we have had multiple fixes to the capacity issue in Herbert Street ruled out, do they want to: leave the situation as is; go ahead with Hurst Park and ask Acham to expand (under Ascham's conditions); if Ascham were to say no, do they want to go ahead with just them + CHesterton Triangle and what hours of operation would they want

To Residents in the Hurst Park Estates - explaining that their problem is down to Ascham going ahead and forcing vehicles in, and thaht I do not want to create the same problem for the triangle by HUrst Park going ahead without them, do they support a parking scheme in their area joined with the Triangle area, asking Ascham to expand their zone, with Ascham's conditions; if Ascham were to say no, would they support not leaving the triangle alone and what conditions would they want in that case

I will support the survey above with at least one more public meeting and one more facebook session for people to seek clarification on any unclear points.

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