West Chesterton Parking update - 2019-11-28

I'm very aware that I've not provided an update recently on the potential introduction of a residents parking scheme in West Chesterton.  This blog attempts to address this.
Due to numerous issues, including general workloads, and some other consultations that have overrun, the next formal step will be the County Council writing to residents in the Ascham Parking Area asking for their consent to expand their scheme to include the Chesterton Triangle and the Hurst Park Estate (inc those parts of Arbury road that are in the Chesterton County Division).
The area this scheme would encompass is shown approximately here.
At the moment, the best information I have is that this will not happen until early January.  Read on for some questions that I've been asked about this recently with answers.

What is the timescale?

Very approximately: 

  • Ask Ascham in mid January
  • Ascham say "yes"
  • The Triangle, Hurst Park estate and Arbury Road are formally consulted 
  • This stage is likely to end before March, when the City Council election purdah period starts
  • Decision to go ahead taken at the next CJAC meeting after May, which is 9th June 2020 (the one before this is 25th February, so there is no realistic chance of hitting this date)
  • If the scheme is voted through the implementation should then happen within 6 months.

Has there been a calculation of parking capacity?

Working with different sets of residents, there are some estimates, but these aren't formal ones.  Overall there should be enough capacity in the whole area, but this doesn't take into account that the area isn't a 'regular' shape - ie capacity in Gurney Way isn't of uch use to someone in Arbury Road.

Are there charges?

Yes - I don't know the price of permits in the scheme yet, but other schemes vary from aorund £60-100 for permits.  You can find a list at the bottom of this page

A direct link to the Ascham scheme details. 

Can visitor permits be rolled over from one year to another


Plans for Arbury Road and impact on scheme

This refers to the incomplete cycleways at the North end of Arbury Road.  There are ongoing discussions about how, or if, to finish these off.  Whilst changes here could impact parking, we will finalise a decision about the parking controls well before anything is decided about Arbury Road.

It may be that at a later point changes are proposed again, but that will be a seperate, later, decision.

How will it work? -one scheme?

If Ascham consent, and the scheme makes it through the two formal stages, then the area will be one scheme for the whole area and that will have the same hours of operation and max permits as the Ascham scheme.

Can some streets veto?

I always struggle with this question.  The basic answer is no - but that I've alwways worked hard to make sure that nothing gets to that point.  The results of my most recent survey show support in each street for going ahead.

Why has it taken so long?

Essentially there hasn't been a consensus to go ahead, and I spent a lot of time attempting to resolve issues that come from the Triangle area in terms of 'lost' parking spaces.

There is now a consensus at this stage.

Why would ascham say yes or no?

I'd hope that residents would see the issues faced by their fellow citizens and consent.  Ascham is far from at capacity.  I'll be organising for all of us to contact residents in that area once I have a clearer picture of the timeline.

Business provision?

The types of permits can be seen on this page:  https://www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/residents/travel-roads-and-parking/parking-permits-and-fines/parking/

What if Ascham says no?

My survey showed support to still go ahead with a scheme joining The Triangle, Hurst Park estate and Arbury Road.  This scheme could have different settings (times of operation and max permits) than other schemes.

I don't yet know what the timescales for that will be, but will update residents if it comes to that. 

What about the Hurst Park Estate going on its own?

I am firmly against this, as it would be manifestly unfair on the Triangle area and Abury Road.

Back in 2017, there was a clear consensus from the Hurst Park to not bring in restrictions right away.  That view has clearly changed since Ascham has gone ahead, due to overspill from there;  to then allow Hurst Park to go ahead on its own, and create overspill for Arbury Road and the Triangle, would be to repeat such a mistake.


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