Council Update: What we have been doing since May

After being elected in May, new Councillor Greg Chadwick has already been hard at work for the City.

  • Clearing Madingley Road cycle path - Following reports the shared pedestrian and cycle path leading out of the city past Eddington was overgrown Greg arranged for it to be cleared
  • Calling for police to enforce safer driving on Huntingdon road - At a recent West Central Area Committee, Greg asked Police Inspector Paul Rogerson to pay particular attention to the zebra crossing on Huntingdon road close to Oxford road following residents’ reports of dangerous driver and cyclist behaviour here.
  • Along with Cllr Jamie Dalzell on the Civic Affairs committee, Greg scrutinised the recent disenfranchisement of many EU citizens at the European election.  The council produced a thorough report demonstrating they did their best under tough conditions.  Greg raised some concerns about the idox software used by the council and the use of email but ultimately the national government had failed to correctly prepare for the elections and did nothing to inform EU citizens of the required forms.


Councillor Cheney Payne has now taken over as the Lib Dem spokesperson for the Environment and Communities Portfolio.  Over the last few months, she has:

  • Campaigned for the Council to do more to fight period poverty.

Many were disappointed when the ruling Labour administration refused to include Cheney’s proposal to use left over funding to develop a scheme to address period poverty.  After keeping up the pressure, Cheney was thrilled to see that they have now agreed to begin placing free sanitary products in some community facilities.

  • Supported a pesticide ban on open spaces and verges.

Cheney spoke strongly in Council for the Labour group to support a Lib Dem proposed commitment to become a Pesticide Free City.  Cheney said: “Insects are the plank of diversity.  All across the city we see bare earth rather than green verges, and this is due to the pesticides used to control growth.  New research into pesticides has highlighted the risk they pose to health as well as the benefits that insects have to the wider environment.”  Cheney called for the Labour group to learn lessons from the Eddington development’s commitment to natural wildflower verges and allow green verges to grow naturally. 



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