When is a ticket to London not a ticket to London?

I regularly travel to London too see my girlfriend and/or friends, but experienced a very odd ticket issue yesterday, which has meant I've raised a complaint with greater anglia.

If any constituents have had this issue, please let me know

Dear Greater Anglia

I suspect this is an issue a number of people have come to you about.
I regularly travel to London, both Kings Cross and Liverpool Street, from Cambridge North Station.  I always buy the ticket at the station, and in the same manner, from the machines.
I noticed on buying my ticket that it had "Liv St. Only" marked on it.  I was only able to find a staff member after passing through the barriers, who informed me that I had to change the ticket at Cambridge station if I wanted to go to King's Cross.
He showed me the machine - I could see there was an upper panel that defaulted to Liverpool Street Only.  I've never noticed this before, so I'm assuming there has been a software change - please could you look into that?
Nonetheless, I got onto the train.  I was then trying to work out whether I was better off going to Liverpool Street, or go to Kings Cross and change the ticket (in relation t hat my final destinartion was Covent Garden).  I then went to this site to see the limitations on the ticket:
None of the restrictions applied to the time I was travelling - 1739 from Cambridge North.
I then checked national rail planner - on whih I sae that the next train to Liverpool Street was the one I was on (having not reached Cambridge), via Kings Cross.
Therefore I stayed on, intending to change at Kings Cross to go to Liverpool Street.
At the barriers the ticket didn't work, and the officers told me, along with the 5 or 6 other people who had the same issue, that we had the wrong tickets.
WHen I showed the website and rail planner information she was unable to explain what would have told me was wrong, and because of the number of people wrote "Advised" on the ticket/return and let me (and the others) through.
This is clearly something that is causing your staff and passengers distress and needs resolving asap.
GIven I was heavily involved as a Councillor in the opening of the Cambridge North station, I consider myself a rather well informed consumer.  If this trips me up, it is likely to trip up many others.
I would like an explanation of why this has started to happen, please, along with what you will be doing to resolve the issue.  I would also like to know where I could have found out that I couldn't get to Liverpool Street on a Liverpool Street ticket.
Finally, at minimum, I would expect a large visible notice and both Cambridge North and Cambridge station noting which tickets to buy until this is resolved.

Cllr Ian Manning
Cambridgeshire County Councillor for Chesterton
Tel:  07931958169
Twitter: @IanGManning
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