Lib Dems announce £5.7m fund to repair every school in Cambridgeshire

The Liberal Democrats have announced they would invest in repairing every local authority primary school in Cambridgeshire, as part of a £17bn investment fund over the next parliament to fix hospitals and schools in England. Julian and Shirley Williams met with Cambridge parents to discuss the potential impact of this investment.

The Lib Dem plan comes as figures reveal that in Cambridgeshire there are a total of 913 repairs needed across 130 primary schools equalling a total of £5.7m.

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Lib Dems call for transport improvements for north Cambridge

Following the recent opening of Cambridge North, Liberal Democrat candidate Julian Huppert and Chesterton County Councillor Ian Manning have set out a 5-point plan, including setting up a Station Users' Forum, to maximise the station’s effectiveness and impact.


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Cambridge North: what needs correcting

Whilst it is very welcome that Cambridge North station is finally open, there are a number of issues that Cllr Manning Cllr Anna Bradnam (waterbeach) and the Chesterton team are dealing with - read on for more detail.

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Julian visits Riverside Victoria Project


Earlier this week Julian visited the Victoria Project, which offers specialised support and accommodation for homeless individuals in Cambridge, particularly those who have experienced addiction or mental health issues.

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Julian celebrates opening of Cambridge North station

This morning Julian and Cambridge Lib Dems celebrated the opening of Cambridge North station by taking the first train from the station into Cambridge. As a local councillor and then as an MP Julian worked with civil servants and ministers to secure approval for the project. 


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Julian visits Railway House to discuss support services for young people


Earlier today Julian visited Railway House on Mill Road to discuss housing and support services for young people in Cambridge. Railway House supports young people aged 16 to 21 who are vulnerable or at risk of homelessness by providing accommodation and promoting independent living.

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74% of Cambridge residents voted for the UK to remain within the EU.

Julian is a passionate pro-European, and has vowed to fight against Brexit. Liberal Democrats nationally are leading the charge against Brexit, particularly in light of the Labour party’s confused stance on the issue.

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Health & Social Care

Nurses.jpgOur health and care services are at breaking point and urgently need investment to ensure they can continue to provide high quality care, now and in the future. Staff are working hard in a broken system, and need decent pay. 

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Liberal Democrats believe that education is the key to giving children the best start in life. It’s therefore vital that our local schools have the funding they need to support young people.

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Local Housing


Housing in Cambridge is extremely expensive, and this is causing huge problems for many people. It has to be a priority to tackle – otherwise Cambridge could simply price itself out of the market, with many people unable to afford to live here.

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