Shelford Road Bus Shelter

Concern has been expressed about the removal of the bus shelter on Shelford Road after it sustained some damage. We have been investigating and discovered that the shelter was owned by ClearChannel, an advertising company, rather than either of the councils. They are currently considering replacement and if it goes ahead, hope to have the new shelter installed next month.

Boundary Commission consultation reopened

The local boundary commission has reopened its consultation into boundary changes for Cambridgeshire, following widespread criticism of the decision to merge Trumpington and Queen Edith's into a single two-member division for the county council - a move that had been opposed almost universally by political parties and residents associations alike.

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Leisure Park Redevelopment

Two controversial and seemingly rival proposals have been made for further development of the Leisure Park (Where the Light Cinema is) on Hills Road. This is technically outside of Trumpington Ward, but will certainly affect many people living and working in the area.

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St Andrew's Church - 15th April - large events

Residents should be aware there are two large events at St Andrew's Church on Friday:  one at 1100 and another at 1400.  Expect heavy traffic in the area.

Isn't it time we solved our congestion crisis?

First class bus service, cycling and traffic reduction at the heart of Lib Dems’ transport vision for the City Deal

Lib Dem leaders across Greater Cambridge have published the transport goals they say are lacking or invisible under Labour and Conservative City Deal leadership.

“No-one could be more excited than us by this once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a great transport system in Greater Cambridge,” says Cllr Tim Bick, who as leader of the City Council led the successful negotiations with Government to win the £500m City Deal. “But it’s very disappointing that the City Deal has failed to set out a coherent, long term transport strategy and has instead simply put forward piecemeal plans for several large infrastructure schemes”.

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Coe Fen lighting

Newnham Councillor Lucy Nethsingha has secured £5k or money to fund solar studs for lights on the Coe Fen paths, which should make the route safer for cyclists at night without generating light pollution. There is also another £15k available for lighting on the Driftway, the road that runs alongside Lammas Land from the car park.

Updates from previous newsletters

Updates from previous newsletters:

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Coronation Street cycling

A sign has appeared in Coronation Street, appearing to be from the county council, that would suggest that cycling the wrong way up the road is permitted. Nick Avery is investigating where this sign has come from, as there seems to have been no local consultation about this.

Register to Vote!

The deadline to register to vote in the upcoming city council and Police & Crime Commissioner elections is 18th April, and the last day to request a postal vote is 19th April. There is now a central web site you can use to register to vote, no matter where you live.

South Area Committee - 18th April 2016

Want to question councillors on issues affecting South Cambridge? (Trumpington, Queen Edith's and Cherry Hinton) The next South Area Committee will be held on Monday 18th April at 7pm, in the Wilkinson Room at St John the Evangelist Church on Hills Road.

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