Cambridge's Economy Benefits from Overseas Students

Rod Cantrill addressing Cambridge Stays

As the House of Commons Select Committee on Exiting the EU meets today in Cambridge to take evidence on the impact on research and science, a new report carried out by London Economics shows that Cambridge benefits hugely from international students who are worth £20bn to the UK economy.  Cambridge is ranked 8th in the top ten cities that benefit.  The report underscores the importance to Cambridge of the UK being open to people from other countries including Europe.

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County Council newsletter January 2018

The County Council produce a "members newsletter" once a month, and you can read it here:

This is written by officers (staff), so will present one side of any story, but I hope it is of some interest.

Liberal Democrat Housing Proposals Provide Much-Needed Help for Council Tenants

Liberal Democrats listening to Cambridge Council Tenants

The Cambridge City Council Liberal Democrat Group's amendment to the Housing Budget that will be tabled at the Housing Scrutiny committee on Wednesday 17th January provides much needed help to Cambridge council tenants, many of whom are struggling to make ends meet in the city.

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Rod Cantrill Selected as Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate


After a meeting on Saturday, Cambridge Liberal Democrats have selected a new prospective Parliamentary Candidate.  Our new PPC for Cambridge is Councillor Rod Cantrill.  Chair of Cambridge Liberal Democrats Elizabeth Parkin said "We have made our choice from an excellent field.  Many congratulations to Rod.  I'm very much looking forward to working with him."

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Success for Lib Dem Campaigns Acknowledged by Labour

A whole series of budget proposals made previously with strong public support by the City Council's opposition Lib Dem group, and rejected by the ruling Labour Group, have now been incorporated into Labour's budget for Cambridge City Council next year.

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Storm Eleanor and power cuts

We've received a reminder from UK Powernetworks (responsible for most electrical supply to residents in the UK) on what to do if predicted high winds cause power outages.

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North Cambridge Recreational Facilities

Residents of the Woodhead Drive area will have been pleased to note last month that the play ground equipment, which had been removed due to vandalism, is now in the process of being replaced.  

The North area of the City has some beautiful parkland and natural areas.  The Liberal Democrats are keen to ensure this is being used well for the benefit of the whole area.  See below for an opportunity to contribute your ideas for how the Liberal Democrats could develop this in your area.

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Fen Road Level Crossing Cuts Off Communities


Residents have been complaining about the barriers on the Fen Road level crossing being down more than they should be, and more than they were before Cambridge North opened.  Working with Cllr Manning and Milton's Cllr Anna Bradnam, I (Owen Dunn) have been investigating how much of a problem this is.  The short answer is that in the hour I picked one December morning the barriers were down for 45 minutes.

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80% Affordable - Lib Dems Demand Pioneering Approach at Depot Site

City Lib Dems are pushing for 80% of new homes at the council-owned Mill Road depot site to be "affordable" and are also keen to pioneer a new living rent focused on tenants' income, not the market.

Housing Spokesperson Cllr Rod Cantrill is urging a bold approach in order to tackle Cambridge's chronic housing crisis.

That means doubling the normal 40% affordable homes target and setting rents at a third of tenants' income - an innovative model not yet adopted outside London.

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First-Class Public Transport Needed


A totally transformed public transport service is the only way to tackle Cambridge's growing congestion problem, according to Leader of the City Lib Dem Opposition Group, Cllr Tim Bick.

Recent figures revealed that traffic in the city has increased by 10% over the last 6 years, leading to increased calls for ambitious, blue-sky thinking to relieve the crisis.

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