Victoria Road Parking zone

Recently I (Chesterton Cllr Ian Manning) became aware that residents nearby were to have parking restrictions – but that their Labour Councillor hadn’t asked them. I put a stop to this as the area came within my Chesterton County division.  Separately, Labour Councillors have marked your area to get restrictions: so our activist Jamie Dalzell is really keen to check you are aware, and aware of what form they will take.  

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Triangle / North Milton Road parking updates

Further to the work I've done with residents (including 3 meetings, 2 complete letter drops of the estate and a survey) I'm pleased to announce there is progress on the proposals for parking restrictions that Labour Councillors were keen to push through. I hope residents agree that I have ensured that they've been listened to and have worked with them to achieve a sensible way forward.  

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Fen Road Problems Update

Residents will have seen a number of serious issues around Fen Road in the last 2 months.  Councillor Manning is trying to work with residents and authorities to put a plan in place to improve things.

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Chesterton Triangle area parking survey live

After correcting mistakes in the process around parking controls North of Milton Road, the North team are turning their attention to checking residents in the triangle area know what could be facing them.  The survey is here:  

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Anger as Labour Councillors support 88% increase in visitor parking charge

There has been an angry reaction to Labour councillors’ support for the county council’s proposed 88% price increase on visitor parking permits used within Cambridge’s 16 residents’ parking zones. The council expects to issue around 130,000 of these permits next year.   At the Cambridge Joint Area Committee yesterday (Tuesday 24th October), five Labour councillors spoke in support of the county council’s proposals to increase the charge from £1.60 to £3. The move was opposed by all four Liberal Democrat committee members. 

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88% parking charge increase is outrageous, say Cambridge Lib Dems

Lib Dem councillors have slammed county council plans for an 88% price increase on visitor parking permits within Cambridge’s 16 existing controlled parking zones.   Residents living within these zones can purchase day permits for their visitors, currently at a cost of £1.60 per day. This figure is set to rise to £3 (or £15 for 5). Figures released by the council show they expect to issue around 130,000 of these day permits next year, producing an extra £120,000 compared with the current year.

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About the Cambridge Liberal Democrats

The Cambridge Lib Dems are a committed campaigning organisation. We work hard to represent the residents of our city and always strive to create an open and inclusive democratic process. We hope to engage with all of our constituents so together we can work with you to make Cambridge an even better place to live. Read more