Large Funeral @ St Andrew's Church, 17th October, 1100

We've received notice there will be a large funeral at St Andrew's Church on the 11th October at 11 - please plan your movements accordingly as the number of people attending may cause congestion.

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North of Milton Road parking: Frequently Asked Questions

From my meeting of 2017-10-04 I've created a list of questions and answers to common queries.  This isn't meant to be exhaustive, but is hopefully helpful to those who couldn't make the meeting.  I'll update it as new questions come in.

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Parking workshop Wednesday 11th 1800-2000

A reminder that I'll  ( Cllr Manning) be running a workshop on parking controls for the Chesterton area North of Milton Road from 1800-2000 on Wednesday at Milton Road Lilbrary.Please let me know if you are thinking of attending, or you wish to be kept updated. All residents are welcome to attend:  worth noting that I'll be starting from a blank canvass, rather than starting with the Council officer drawings, as a result of feedback from my FAQ meeting last week.I'll publish a copy of FAQs from the meeting last week later tonight.

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Want to improve your local highway?

Do you have an idea for a small improvement to your local road environment?  This Sunday 15th October is a deadline for applying to a fund to realise your ambitions. The County Council has a scheme for funding changes up to £10,000, and Cllr Manning and the rest of the North Cambridge Lib Dems want to hear from you for your ideas!

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Milton Road Update: Trees & Landscaping Workshop

An illusion of choice and an opportunity not to be wasted On Tuesday (3rd October), I attended the second GCP workshop regarding the development of the ‘final’ designs for City Deal alterations to Milton Road. This workshop focussed on trees, the removal of which under original proposals led to outcry from local residents and the development of their own Do-optimum alternative. Cllr Ian Manning has provided a summary of the workshop structure and explained his concerns regarding the project. Here I note my own observations.

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North of Milton Road Parking: FAQ meeting tonight

Reminder that I'll (Cllr Ian Manning) be at Milton Road Library tonight, 1800 - 1900 to answer questions about the proposals for parking restrictions north of Milton Road. This will help me build up an FAQ to publish on here ahead of the workshops. See for the history.

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About the Cambridge Liberal Democrats

The Cambridge Lib Dems are a committed campaigning organisation. We work hard to represent the residents of our city and always strive to create an open and inclusive democratic process. We hope to engage with all of our constituents so together we can work with you to make Cambridge an even better place to live. Read more