Stagecoach bus changes Jan 2018

Stagecoach have announced a number of changes to bus services across Cambridgeshire - table attached.

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Cllr Manning - written questions to full council 2017-12-12

One of the rights Councillors have is to submit written questions to full Council requiring an answer. I've (Cllr Manning) submitted two to the next full Council on topical matters.

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Fen Road update 2017-12-03

I wanted to add another update on the recent issues around Fen Road, including plans to start a new community group I'm supporting.  

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Lib Dems call for deadline extension and door-to-door delivery of Council’s parking proposals for Trumpington Meadows

The County Council is proposing on-street parking control proposals for Trumpington Meadows, including visitor permit holder parking in signed parking bays every day from 8am to 6pm. However, the proposals have been poorly publicised.  There has been no door-to-door delivery of the public notice, with the Council relying on residents spotting it online or in the Cambridge Evening News.  Please sign this petition for a proper consultation.

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Triangle/Irregular Rhomboid parking update 2017-11-28

A brief update from my survey work with residents of the "triangle" area (Springfield Road to Hawthorn Way, and streets inbetween).

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parking charges update - success!

On Tuesday the County Council's Highways committee considered four parking issues (click on the link for the report):   the ending of the parking charge at the Park & Ride sites on-street parking charges residents' parking scheme permit charges for both residents' permits and visitors' permits a plan to develop more residents' parking schemes in the city Up to this point Labour and Conservative Councillors had been pushing upping permit charges and pushing parking schemes, with Lib Dem Councillors more cautions on both fronts, and objecting in principle to the stratospheric 88% rise in visitor permits.

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About the Cambridge Liberal Democrats

The Cambridge Lib Dems are a committed campaigning organisation. We work hard to represent the residents of our city and always strive to create an open and inclusive democratic process. We hope to engage with all of our constituents so together we can work with you to make Cambridge an even better place to live. Read more