Sam Oliver - Petersfield

Sam Oliver is the dedicated and passionate champion that Petersfield deserves. If elected to be your city councillor he will fight for a fair deal for our area.

Sam was born and raised in Sheffield, but has lived in Cambridge for the past 4 years, moving here with his partner for work.

Sam is a full-time campaigner, with experience in winning change for local people. Sam has lived in and around Petersfield ever since, and he loves the streets, small businesses and pubs that make our community so special.

Sam is focused on getting a fair deal for Petersfield and our city - action on anti-social behaviour, standing up for council tenants and making your voice heard in a more democratic Cambridge.

Sam says, “Labour are taking places like Petersfield for granted. They are focused on infighting while ignoring basic council services like tackling anti-social behaviour and repairing and maintaining our council houses.”

“If elected, I won’t take you for granted and will listen to everyone across our community.”