King's Hedges

King's Hedges is the Northeastern most ward in the city, bordering the Science Park, Regional College and Guided Busway.

On Tuesday 4th July last year there was a City Council by election in King’s Hedges due to the resignation of Labour Cllr and City Council Deputy Leader Alex Collis - just days after being re-elected. Since resigning she has slated Labour as “having lost its way” and “not listening.”

Liberal Democrat campaigner Jamie Dalzell was the Lib Dem candidate in the by-election.

While disappointed to miss out on the opportunity to represent King’s Hedges as a city councillor, Jamie achieved a lot:
•    The largest increase in vote share of any party standing.
•    The only party to receive more total votes in the by-election than in the May election, despite the decrease in turnout.
•    All this from a standing start in an unexpected by-election straight after the locals in May. 

Our candidate for city council in 2024 is Fionna Tod.