The ward of Castle consists of areas in North-West Cambridge, taking its name from the Castle Mound. The area also includes the new developments in Darwin Green and Eddington.

The Lib Dems currently hold 1 of the 3 City Council seats in Castle, with Cllr Cheney Payne representing the ward for the Liberal Democrats.

The results of the 2022 local elections in Castle were:

Party Candidate Votes %
  Liberal Democrats Cheney-Anne Payne* 816 39.6
  Labour Antoinette Nestor 716 34.7
  Labour Mary Murphy 651 31.6
  Independent David Summerfield 632 30.7
  Liberal Democrats Will Tilbrook 437 21.2
  Green Esme Hennessy 338 16.4
  Green Dan Kittmer 225 10.9
  Conservative Rhona Corinne Boorman 162 7.9
  Conservative Tomasz Dyl 145 7.0

Local contacts

Cheney Payne
Lib Dem city councillor for Castle

Caroline Stoddart
Local Lib Dem campaigner