East Chesterton

East Chesterton has grown out of the old village that it once was, with two primary schools (The Shirley School and Chesterton Primary) to house its growing population as well as a new train station. As Cambridge grows, East Chesterton is set to grow further and we need to ensure development works for all residents, old and new.

The results of the 2023 local elections in East Chesterton are as follows:

Party Candidate Votes %
  Labour Alice Flora Gilderdale* 1,014 38.4
  Liberal Democrats Bob Illingworth 887 33.6
  Conservative Frank Ribeiro 341 12.9
  Green Elizabeth Alice May 305 11.6
  Heritage Colin Miller 59 2.2
  UKIP Peter Burkinshaw 33 1.3

Local contacts

Bob Illingworth
Local Lib Dem campaigner

Ian Manning
Local Lib Dem campaigner

Bob and Team

Bob Illingworth

East Chesterton Candidate 2024