Jamie Dalzell - West Chesterton

Jamie Dalzell was proud to serve West Chesterton as a City Councillor from 2018 to 2022.

With an 18-year career in accountancy working in a range of different sectors, Jamie is currently Head of International Finance for a large charity based in Cambridge. 

He married his wife, Cheney, at Shire Hall during the 2020 lockdown and lives locally with their two cats. 

He used his financial skills as a City Councillor, acting as the Lib Dem lead for Finance and then for Housing. In these roles, Jamie consistently campaigned for a just transition to net zero, investment in community facilities and to deliver the best possible outcomes for homeless people.

Jamie is a passionate supporter of community engagement on major projects. He is fighting against the government’s plans for a development corporation that would take decisions away from locally accountable representatives

Jamie said, “I am keen to rejoin the council this year. I want to help shape the big decisions impacting our ward and our city over the coming years and ensure that local people aren’t cut out.”