John Walmsley

John Walmsley - Romsey

John Walmsley lives in Romsey. He also works in the city, cycling to work via Mill Road to West Cambridge.

Before living in Cambridge, John spent many years living in Norway. John says, “My time living in the EEA gave me some unique experiences that I believe would allow me to bring some valuable new perspectives to the council.”

If elected to the city council, John will work alongside the local team to get a fair deal for Romsey and for the city as whole. 

John says, “Romsey is a vibrant and varied ward which make it a great place to live. At the same time there are issues that  that need to be addressed for the benefit of all of its residents, including basic council services like tackling anti-social behaviour and repairing and maintaining our council houses.”

Former Romsey Cllr Catherine Smart has backed John to be our next councillor saying: “John is just the thoughtful kind of person we need on the city council. He lives in Romsey and understands our community. On issues like the closure of Mill Road bridge and the lakes at Burnside he will listen and engage with everyone.”