Karen Young - Queen Edith's

Karen Young is a dedicated local campaigner who will use her past experience as a Councillor to stand up for Queen Edith’s residents and get the best deal for us at the City Council. 
Karen lives locally and retired from an international career as a Chartered Accountant (Switzerland and China) to focus on local politics. 
Karen is currently studying theology and in her spare time loves reading, walking, and yoga. She is also passionate about green issues and healthy living.
She moved here from St. Albans where she was a district councillor and part of the leadership of the council. 
This experience gave her keen insights into the funding constraints facing district councils across the country and how to get value for money for taxpayers.
During her tenure she drove a reorganisation of the council that reduced operating costs and increased efficiency. 
This enabled the council to improve service provision to residents and made these services more accessible to everyone.
If elected, she is hoping to serve our local community in similar ways. Karen is a hard caseworker, is approachable, and residents will find her very responsive to any local issues that they raise with her.