Aiden Roe

Aiden Roe - Cherry Hinton

Aiden is the dedicated and passionate champion that Cherry Hinton deserves. They are a strong voice for local people, and if elected will work with Pippa Heylings to get a fair deal for our local community.

Aiden has lived and worked in Cambridge for the past five years, currently working in-store for the co-op and as a union rep for the Cambridge area.

Aiden previously worked as youth worker, working with children with Special Educational Needs from Cherry Hinton and the surrounding area. Aiden’s sister also still attends school locally.

From their work as a union rep, Aiden is skilled at mediation and bringing people together from different points of view and as a campaigner will work to ensure our area is not taken for granted.

If elected to the city council, Aiden wants to work with local residents to take real action on anti-social behaviour, stand up for council tenants and fight for a simpler, more democratic Cambridge where local people are listened to.