Nadya Lokhmotova

Nadya Lokhmotova - Trumpington

Nadya Lokhmotova is a local community champion with a track record of standing up and making a difference, with architecture and the built environment.

Nadya grew up in Ukraine, and has lived in Cambridge since 2009. Trumpington has been her home since 2014. 

Nadya is a fully qualified architect and a certified Passivhaus designer. Over the last decade she has worked on many buildings in Cambridge.

Nadya says, “It is extremely rewarding to cycle past the completed Entopia building on Regent Street or Astra Zeneca HQ in the Biomedical campus knowing that I contributed to their design and delivery. The buildings sector is responsible for over 1/3 of global energy consumption. I am passionate about reducing the carbon footprint of buildings by maximising energy efficiency, cutting down waste and using sustainable materials. I believe that my practical experience in architecture will be very relevant to the work of the Council’s planning committee.”

Since Russia started a full-scale war in Ukraine in Feb 2022, Nadya has volunteered for various charities organising humanitarian aid to civilians in Ukraine and helping refugees to settle in Cambridge. 

If elected to be our next city councillor for Trumpington, Nadya will continue her record of standing up for people in need on the city council and use her valuable architectural experience to make a real difference on planning and housing issues locally.