Tim Bick

Cllr Tim Bick

Tim Bick is running in the election on May 2nd to continue as Lib Dem city councillor. Living in the heart of Market ward, Tim has represented it since 2008. 

Tim leads the campaign to revitalise the centre of the Kite community, working tirelessly to keep the valued Waitrose store on Fitzroy Street, while creating the conditions for other shops to thrive through new uses in the Grafton Centre. 

In Newtown, Tim is arguing for the redevelopment of Hanover and Princess Courts to keep trees and green space - with no loss of social dwellings. He’s also helping residents get the out-of-place “Don” statue removed from the Norwich Street corner. 

Thanks to Tim’s insistence, residents will now get a proper say on plans to restrict vehicle turnings at the Catholic Church crossroads. 

Tim is fighting for controls over the “Airbnb” phenomenon, which reduces much-needed permanent housing and often creates a neighbourhood nuisance. He is also campaigning to promote responsible and legal use of e-scooters across public open spaces. 

Tim says: “I want to keep the city centre a welcome home for people from all sorts of backgrounds. Because of the contest for space everywhere, it needs careful management. We all benefit from a thriving centre of a city which has an impact for good round the world.”