"Thundering trucks" Update

The works on the A14 have lead to Huntingdon Road being used as a diversion route for HGV's throughout the night.  Histon Road is also being used incorrectly by many HGV drivers, as it is not part of the approved route.  This is causing huge disturbance to residents at night.



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Hurst Park parking Survey 2019

Apologies for the delay in getting this survey live, due to my illness.  The survey can now be found here:


Labour U-turn on Cruel Shopmobility Charges


Cambridge Labour Party have today scrapped their cruel and financially illiterate charges for the Shopmobilty electric scooter lending service in the city centre after a campaign by Cambridge Lib Dems.

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Community Outcry Over Care Home Closure

A petition is to be handed to Cambrishire County Council calling for The Haven care home to be kept open.

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Lib Dem Leader Cllr Tim Bick’s comment on the news today that Cambridge City Council is finding £750,000 in an emergency bail out of Cambridge Live and is now bringing it back in house:

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Lib Dem City Councillors in Cambridge have welcomed the first nationwide ‘Purple Tuesday’ this week which aims to promote the awareness of businesses to the needs of people with disabilities  in navigating the retail environment. But they have also called on the City Council in Cambridge to do more to help.

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Milton Road plans - better, but still not 'optimum'!

Liberal Democrat Councillors have judged the latest City Deal’s Milton Road proposals as “Close, but oh so far”.


“It’s right we recognise the huge strides forward the project has taken under the project manager appointed last year” said Cllr Ian Manning “but there are still fundamental flaws in the proposals that must be fixed before the project can progress.”.


The Lib Dems have identified the following headline issues:


  1. Junction design that favours road widths over safety and convenience of pedestrians and cyclists.
  2. Confusing forward stop lines that will stop the Copenhagen style crossings working properly.
  3. Imaginative design concepts around the library area, which came out of resident workshops, seem to have been totally forgotten.
  4. There’s still no guarantee the beautiful tree line will be replaced with the same quality as is there now.
  5. With the aim of getting buses to Mitcham’s Corner more quickly, we still don’t have a convincing explanation for how this will integrate with potential changes to the gyratory system


Newly elected Cllr Jamie Dalzell said: “I’m worried that, with Mayor Palmer’s pressure for delivery over quality, we’re getting less than the full picture here.  There are many unanswered questions, and a disappointingly large amount of shared use pedestrian/cycle path, which are dangerous for both groups.”

Read on for more detailed comments from the team:

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World Homeless Day – Cambridge Lib Dems call for renewed effort to address Cambridge homelessness

To mark world homeless day, Cambridge Lib Dems are calling for a renewed efforts to address Cambridge’s homeless issues.

The call comes as research released this week shows that at least 449 homeless people died in the UK in the last 12 months.

It also follows the detailed report on homelessness in Cambridge undertaken by Lib Dem councillors Tim Bick and Nichola Harrison, published earlier this year.  The report set out a number of recommendations including exploring a Cambridge Charter for rough sleeping and considering a Housing First approach to the provision of accommodation for people who are homeless.

Rod Cantrill, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Cambridge said, “As a trustee of a local homeless charity, I have seen at first hand the number of people who are homeless in Cambridge increase by a large number over the last few years.  The winter period is especially tough for people who are forced to sleep rough on the street.  The council’s recent policy of offering people at risk of being homeless accommodation up to 50 miles away from Cambridge could potentially make the problem worse.

It is clear the council has not been able to make a material break through on solving this issue, despite Cambridge being a city of immense prosperity.  Cambridge Liberal Democrats have been calling for the council to double its efforts and explore creative new ideas in conjunction with the homeless charities in the city.  Such ideas include a Cambridge Charter for rough sleeping and  for Cambridge and Housing First a targeted provision of housing for homeless people linked with a comprehensive support programme.”



Copy of homeless report by Cllr Tim Bick and Cllr Nichola Harrison https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sym-rbTO5UCC9lmQjeiNjzUWYwycPBQ2/view

Close-up view of the cambridgeshire cliff-edge: it doesn’t have to be like this

Already, County Council budget planning discussions for February have been taking place in earnest, with a close-up view of what is increasingly accepted as potential bankruptcy by 2020.  At the same time, Council staff are being forced to take unpaid leave.


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Lib Dems repeat call for Local Living Rent

Cambridge Lib Dems have repeated their call for Cambridge to have a Local Living Rent, based on one third of household disposable income.  The call is in response to the BBC research released today on cost of renting for young people between 22-29 across the country.  The Labour City Council has so far refused to consider such an option.

The BBC research highlights that rent for a 1 bedroom flat costs over 60% of an individual’s income in parts of Cambridge.

Councillor Rod Cantrill, Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate for Cambridge said, “I have been calling for some time for Labour to look at a Local Living Rent for Cambridge.  Our amendment to the Council Budget in February included proposals for a Local Living Rent that were rejected by the Labour ruling group.

As the BBC research highlights, many young people such as teachers and nurses, who are the glue that makes Cambridge work cannot afford to live in the city or the surrounding area.  We need to do something to help these people – and a local Living Rent does this.” 


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