Whitworth house update 2

Further to https://www.cambridgelibdems.org.uk/whitworth_house_closure_update_1 , the County Council has relased a "breifing note" for Councillors about housing related support in general, part of which addresses the Whitworth House Closure.  I'm publishing it in full here, but am still chasing the actual detail of the report mentioned that led to the removal of the funding for Whitworth - when it's stated that Whitworth didn't provide best value:

What is the detail that led to this calculation?
What consultation was done with Whitworth?

Further, the fact is that we may be in a situation where Orwell moves out of Cambridgeshire, so I've written to them to ask their intentions. 

A full presentation for Councillors has been arranged soon, so please do contact me if you've any further specific questions you'd like addressed. 

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Elizabeth Way bridge engineering works

Major works are planned to replace the damaged bridge expansion joints to Elizabeth Bridge on Elizabeth Way, Cambridge over the River Cam.


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In December 2018, I became a British citizen by naturalisation, and in so doing have also finally become a European Union citizen after living here (in the EU and the UK) for over 10 years.

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Whitworth house closure - update 1

Both Cllr Jamie Dalzell and I (Cllr Ian Manning ) are working to respond to this:  https://www.cambridgeindependent.co.uk/news/whitworth-house-saved-my-life-now-they-want-to-close-it-9061552/

This is a a decision driven by County Council cuts, but primarily by the results of a report into provision of this and similar types.

This report was produced based partly on the St Bail's pathway concept - https://stbasils.org.uk/how-we-help/ .  

I've asked for a copy of the report, and for what consultation was done with Whitworth and/or Orwell over this.





Liberal Democrats have today published their budget proposals for Cambridge City Council, calling for cleaner, greener and fairer policies and claiming that, with Labour having their chance to run something locally, their walk is falling short of their talk.

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Choices - west chesterton parking update

An update you on progress on parking schemes in West Chesterton;  this covers: 

  • the Hurst Park Area (Hurst Park Avenue, Highfield, Orchard, Leys Road & Avenue, Arbury Road, Mulberry Close & Highworth Avenue) - in the County Chesterton division so under County Councillor Ian Manning's remit
  • the "Chesterton Triangle" (Springfield Road to Hawthorn Way and those streets inbetween (ie Herbert, George, Chesterton Hall Crescent) - in the County Chesterton division so under County Councillor Ian Manning's remit
  • The Ascham area - outside the County Chesterton division
  • The Victoria road area  - outside the County Chesterton division

The latter two were subject to decisions to go ahead with schemes we do not believe are adequate at the CJAC meeting of 2018-11-27.


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The authors of a major local report on rough sleeping and street life issues have re-issued their call for action to unite the city to reduce the numbers of people sleeping and begging on the city’s streets.


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East Chesterton parking controls: "no",for now


I'm posting this as a few queries have come in recently, and although we did feature this in newsletter update, thought it worth adding another post here.

As you'll be aware there is a City Deal project to bring in parking controls across Cambridge City.  We alerted people to this last year https://www.cambridgelibdems.org.uk/east_chesterton_parking_further_notes .

After consultation online and on the doorstep, there was clearly no desire overall to bring in controls, so we've decided to not consider them further for now.  The only reason for saying "for now" is that other nearby areas are progressing, so we may want to reassess if there is a knock on effect of displacement parking.

Guest blog: Safeguarding our future

With our politicians in continuing disarray - surely it is time to ask the people if this is what they voted for.

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Public must have option to reject botched BREXIT


Cambridge Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate, Rod Cantrill has warned the Tories’ ‘botched Brexit’ will leave people poorer and Jeremy Corbyn's Labour will still deliver BREXIT, just under a different name.  He called for MPs to give the public a final say on the deal.

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