Liberal Democrats offer 'A Fresh Start for Cambridge'

Liberal Democrats are offering 'A Fresh Start for Cambridge' after the past year’s pandemic and the last 7 years of Labour control of the city. They launch their online manifesto for the 2021 City Council campaign today - you can access it by clicking here.

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The Dark Sides Of Trumpington

Nobody should be afraid to walk or cycle home at night. The Trumpington Lib Dem team is currently looking into ways to improve footpath lighting across Trumpington. Many people have raised concerns about a number of locations especially in the new developments and along the guided busway. The solutions will have to consider the concerns of local residents, environmental issues (e.g. protecting dark skies and wildlife habitats) and – last but not least – Council budgets. We have brought this issue to the attention of local councillors, and are looking into funding options such as through the Local Highway Improvement scheme as part of our road safety campaign.
Please feel free to contribute to the Facebook thread on this issue started by our team member Ingrid Flaubert.

Near_Fawcett_Primary_School.jpgNear Fawcett Primary School. PMS_canvassing_masked17Mar21.jpgPhilippa canvassing in the dark. Guided_Busway.jpgAlong the Guided Busway.


Grantchester Road urgently needs traffic calming measures


Over recent years the new footpath from the Trumpington Meadows Country Park to Grantchester Road has become increasingly popular with joggers, children riding their bicycles, parents with pushchairs, couples going for a walk, dog walkers etc. Amazingly, the path joins the road without a pavement so they have to cross over between two bends, at a place which is already dangerous because vehicles speed up on the short stretch between the 30 mph and 40 mph signs. When the pavement is crowded, pedestrians regularly have to step into the road to get out of each other’s way. 

This is a dangerous undertaking as the road bends with poor visibility and cars coming from both directions. The current signage to alert drivers of crossing pedestrians is clearly insufficient, as residents of Woodend report that many cars pass this area at high speed. This is a deadly accident waiting to happen. The speed limit leading up to the bend on Grantchester Road is 40mph, and the small sign for 30mph is partly occluded by bushes and clearly ineffective. The fact that a vehicle crashed in the warning sign itself demonstrates this!

Ideally, we would like to see the 20 mph speed limit through Grantchester village extended to Trumpington, as well as better road signage. For example, we are looking into options to install electric signals that alert drivers of pedestrians crossing the street and encourage them to reduce their speed.


GrantchesterRoad1.jpg GrantchesterRoad2.jpg

Dangerous bend on Grantchester Road that urgently needs traffic calming measures


Lib Dems: Actions speak louder than words on climate change

Cllr Josh Matthews today responded to the City Council's Climate Change Strategy for 2021-2026.

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Lib Dems welcome Combined Authority climate change progress - but call on the city to go further

Cllr Josh Matthews, Lib Dem Climate Change lead on Cambridge City Council, today responded to the publication of the Combined Authority's Climate Commission report.

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Lib Dem councillor presents young volunteer award

A six year old community volunteer and carer in Queen Edith’s has become the youngest recipient of The Mayor’s Volunteer for Cambridge Award 2020-21.

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Lib Dems call for progress on new city centre police station

With yesterday’s planning approval for the Police Constabulary’s new southern divisional HQ in Milton, Cambridge Lib Dems have called for progress on plans for a new police station in Cambridge city centre. (Pictured: Liberal Democrat Police & Crime Commissioner Candidate Rupert Moss-Eccardt with Lib Dem Mayoral Candidate Aidan Van de Weyer).

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"Catastrophic" drop in council housing satisfaction, say Lib Dems

Cambridge Liberal Democrats have criticised the Labour-run City Council after a new report showed sharply worsening satisfaction with its council housing.

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Lib Dems set sights on key worker housing

The City Council's Liberal Democrat opposition have proposed funding an initial report into redeveloping Cambridge's Queen Anne Terrace car park, aiming to provide affordable housing for key workers as part of the scheme.

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Fast trains from Cambridge North to Cambridge South - how to make the North Cambridge Development more sustainable

Read on for detail of our plan to:

  • Make the new Cambridge Development more sustainable
  • Stop communities being trapped behind the Fen Road level crossing for longer and longer each day
  • Reduce traffic through Chesterton and stop more traffic through Cambridge

And why Labour’s approach, while laudable, will likely achieve none of the above, and unfairly impact communities on one side of the crossing.


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