Lib Dems call for progress on new city centre police station

With yesterday’s planning approval for the Police Constabulary’s new southern divisional HQ in Milton, Cambridge Lib Dems have called for progress on plans for a new police station in Cambridge city centre. (Pictured: Liberal Democrat Police & Crime Commissioner Candidate Rupert Moss-Eccardt with Lib Dem Mayoral Candidate Aidan Van de Weyer).

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"Catastrophic" drop in council housing satisfaction, say Lib Dems

Cambridge Liberal Democrats have criticised the Labour-run City Council after a new report showed sharply worsening satisfaction with its council housing.

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Lib Dems set sights on key worker housing

The City Council's Liberal Democrat opposition have proposed funding an initial report into redeveloping Cambridge's Queen Anne Terrace car park, aiming to provide affordable housing for key workers as part of the scheme.

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Fast trains from Cambridge North to Cambridge South - how to make the North Cambridge Development more sustainable

Read on for detail of our plan to:

  • Make the new Cambridge Development more sustainable
  • Stop communities being trapped behind the Fen Road level crossing for longer and longer each day
  • Reduce traffic through Chesterton and stop more traffic through Cambridge

And why Labour’s approach, while laudable, will likely achieve none of the above, and unfairly impact communities on one side of the crossing.


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'Heads in the sand': City Centre 're-imagining' rebuffed by Labour

Labour councillors last night voted down a call from opposition Liberal Democrats to redefine the role of Cambridge city centre as the high street concedes more ground to online shopping.

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Cows safe on our commons!

Liberal Democrats join with graziers and local residents to celebrate success of their budget amendment to keep the cows safely on our commons.

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Lib Dem councillors call on Labour to withdraw threat to grazing on city commons

(Picture credit: Cambridge News)

Liberal Democrat councillors are calling for Labour-controlled Cambridge City Council to pull back from changes which could jeopardise the grazing of cattle on its riverside urban green spaces – including Midsummer Common. 

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High street failures prompt call for city centre rethink

The future of Cambridge city centre needs leadership, according to Cllr Tim Bick former council leader and Liberal Democrat councillor representing the city centre. In an initiative he is taking to this week’s council meeting, Cllr Bick is calling for a re-imagining of the city centre, prompted by recent high street failures and changes in shopping patterns.

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An update from your local ward team: September 2020

What is going on around the ward?

Castle Mound - Right of way likely to be accepted

It now looks likely the right of way leading up Castle Mound will be accepted thanks to representations given during the meeting where the decision was deferred leading to a re-examination of the evidence and further legal advice. The final decision will be made at a meeting of Suffolk’s Development and Regulation committee on the 21st October.


Histon Road Recreation Ground Improvements

Cycle parking and picnic benches will be added to Histon Road Recreation Ground thanks to an EIP bid from Cllr Chadwick that was awarded funding in March. Such facilities will offer more opportunities for residents to socialise outdoors whilst maintaining social distance.


Histon Road Aldi extension to delivery hours sent back for review

The Aldi on Histon Road recently applied for an extension of their delivery hours to 10pm, as well as an unlimited number of deliveries.  Cllr Payne challenged this through the planning process, and as a result the planning committee deferred this decision to seek further details about how many deliveries they are anticipating to increase to, and to consider stricter enforcement to ensure deliveries do not happen before 7am and engines are not left running.    

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Fill Hobson Square Shops


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Liberal Democrat campaigners in Trumpington are calling on Cambridge City Council to take urgent action to fill empty shop premises on Hobson Square – and hopefully help local entrepreneurs in the process.

While the pharmacy, library, community centre, medical practice and general store are now open, Trumpington still lacks the local shops that were envisaged in the design of Hobson Square as of the new community facilities.

Local Lib Dem campaigner Olaf Hauk commented: “Two large shop premises have remained totally empty and unused ever since they were finished in 2018."

Many of us will be working from home for some time to come. While town and city centres may be experiencing a retail crisis, we know that many people in our community are increasingly looking to local shopping facilities. For the benefit of our community and our carbon footprint, we want to make sure that the residents of Trumpington have access to a variety of shops, markets and services close to their homes.”

Fellow Lib Dem Ingrid Flaubert says: ”We are calling on the City Council to act so that new local shops and traders can bring a greater sense of community to this area.”

Local resident Alan Cox added: “This would be a perfect opportunity to support local business people!"

“We know that Trumpington residents are enterprising people - starting from fortnightly food vans at the Community Garden in the summer, we now have a regular menu of food from all over the world on sale in the new public squares every day of the week."

“I’d like to see the Council look into every possible option, including ‘pop-up shops’ or temporary leases, to get these properties in use and hopefully support small local businesses.”

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Meet your Lib Dem Team Trumpington

Unused shop premises on Hobson Square



Local resident Alan Cox inspects the empty shop premises on Hobson Square.