Lib Dem leader calls for guarantees to safeguard market traders

Councillor Tim Bick has called on the council to offer greater security to market traders during the Coronavirus pandemic.
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Lib Dems agree to work with other parties across Cambridge to tackle Coronavirus

This morning, a joint message of support and guidance from all of Cambridge's MPs, city councillors and county councillors was published. It outlines the spirit of cooperation that all political representatives across Cambridge have agreed to take on as we support our friends and neighbours and tackle the Coronavirus. You can read that letter by clicking here.

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Coronavirus Update

Market Liberal Democrats are keen to help the community in any way possible as the country deals with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Election Postponement: Lib Dems Welcome 'Right Decision'

Responding to the Government’s announcement this afternoon that the elections on May 7th will be postponed for a year, Cllr Tim Bick Leader of the Lib Dems on Cambridge City Council said:

“This seems to us the right decision. It's good that it has been decided at this stage before significant expense was incurred for the administration of the elections. It is a little surprising that the postponement is for as long as 12 months, but no doubt the logic for this will emerge.

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Lib Dem group leader calls for local leadership on rough sleeping

The result of the national count of rough sleeping published today shows it increased in Cambridge for the second year running.

Photo: Lib Dem Group Leader Cllr Tim Bick and County Cllr Nichola Harrison.

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Councillors Call for Focus on Parker's Piece

Local Market Ward councillors, Katie Porrer, Tim Bick and Anthony Martinelli recently put forward a bid for "succession tree planting" on Parker's Piece, as part of their budget amendment to Council. The plan would have seen funding allocated to ensure that semi-mature trees are in place at the Piece's perimeter before older trees die and that consideration would be given to planting extra trees where appropriate. Cllr Martinelli and Cllr Porrer had attended a recent community meeting about trees on the Piece, where it was clear that there was considerable support for proper planning for replacement trees and for investigating means of improving biodiversity, whilst protecting the iconic character of the area and its use for recreation and sport.

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Liberal Democrat councillors have offered an amendment to the City Council’s annual budget which would see the council establish the role of Civic Beekeeper and the installation of beehives on top of the Cambridge Guildhall and other civic buildings.


Photo: Cllr Colin McGerty hopes to place beehives on top of Cambridge Guildhall

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City Fibre work across Cambridge



Read on for details of when the works will happen, and an FAQ on the works.

The latest schedule, which will be refreshed regularly: timetable

(we had a Public meeting at The Waterman pub, rear shed, 1800-2000 on 2020-01-30 (6pm-8pm on the 30th January) with representatives from City Fibre present, and potentially could organise another if needed). 

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Lib Dems demand early review and improvement of controversial King’s Parade Barriers


The Labour City Council has come under pressure from groups across Cambridge this week following the introduction of a controversial barrier across King’s Parade.

The Cambridge Liberal Democrats are demanding that the Council now takes urgent action to replace the metal barricade with a better option that does not endanger local cyclists, better addresses the security concerns in the area and which is more sympathetic to the important heritage site.  Residents are encouraged to sign the petition calling for this action by going to the following link


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Lib Dem Petition Forces Removal of Cycle Chicane on Busway Bridge


A cycle chicane installed on the guided busway bridge entrance to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus only last week is to be removed after widespread public outcry and strong support for a petition started by Liberal Democrat councillors, which attracted over 1,500 signatures.

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