Lib Dems call special council meeting in bid to re-open market

Liberal Democrat city councillors are to take unusual steps to secure the re-opening of Cambridge market.

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Cambridge Market: End 'dither and delay'

Lib Dem opposition councillors have criticised the delays and confusion created by Labour councillors who have doubled-down on their decision to shut Cambridge's open-air market, despite new national lockdown guidelines clearly specifying that outdoor market stalls selling essential supplies can continue to trade. The opposition group remains concerned that the prolonged closure is forcing vulnerable people into indoor shops for their essential supplies.

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Cambridge Lib Dems question market closure decision

Lib Dem city councillors have questioned the Council's plan to close Cambridge's market, after the snap decision was taken without consultation with traders or councillors on Wednesday.

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Fighting Bike Theft

The Trumpington Team Helped Local Residents To Register Their Bikes

One stolen bike may not look like a big deal (if it's not yours), but thousands of stolen bikes are organised crime. As Trumpington resident James Hems writes in the Winter Edition of Camcycle Magazine (pages 30-33), approximately 9000 bikes are stolen in Cambridge every year - 25 bikes per day! This is four times the national average, and twice as many as in Oxford. Only about 5 % of bike theft victims are reunited with their bikes - but this number could be significantly higher if more people registered their bikes. Importantly, this could also lead the police to the gang leaders who organise bike theft on a grand scale. Knowing that bikes in a certain area are registered may also put thieves off in the first place.

The Trumpington team raised awareness of this issue and helped local Trumpington residents to register their bikes in an event at Trumpington Meadows on December 19th. The organisers Olaf Hauk and Philippa Slatter as well as their team members got their hands dirty and turned a number of bikes upside down in order to find their registration numbers. Many passers-by were given more information on why and how to register their bikes and were pointed to the useful tips in the Camcyle article mentioned above. If this becomes common practice in the community, then the message to bike thieves is very clear: There is nothing for you to do in Trumpington!

Olaf_turned_over_bike_small.jpeg Philippa_turned_over_bike_small.jpeg
Olaf_bikes_and_stand_small.jpeg Olaf_with_register_sign_small.jpeg


Lib Dems call for greater ambition in tackling the Climate Crisis

Cambridge City Council has launched a public consultation to inform its new Climate Change Strategy - a step that Cambridge Liberal Democrats welcome, whilst also calling for the council to stretch its ambition. (Pictured: Lib Dem climate lead Cllr Josh Matthews).

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Selected Local Highways bids for Chesterton 2020

As detailed in I (as the County Councillor for the area) have to select five bids to go forward to the next stage of the Local Highways Improvements process.


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Chesterton Local highways bids longlist of ideas

An update on : read on for the long list of suggested ideas, along with my criteria for deciding which five will go forward to the next stage.



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Chesterton Local highways bids 2020

Local Highways bids - invitation for ideas.
Every year the County Council has a scheme for small scale improvements/changes in the Highway (roads/pavements). As County Councillors we are charged with coming up with a maximum of five bids for consideration per division.
The programme was delayed this year due to Covid-19, but now has a deadline for those 5 bids of *****27th September.*****
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West Chesterton Resident Parking situation: reminder/update

I've been asked about the resident parking situation in West Chesterton a few times recently, so this post just serves as a reminder of the current situation, after the Conservatives on the County council blocked all progress.

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Chisholm trail update 2020-09-20

I met with the project team recently; they will be updating the official page soon, but until then read on for updates...

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