Councillors Bid for Local Improvement Grants

Working with residents, your local Lib Dem councillors have recently submitted various bids to the County Council and City Council to bring forward projects which would make our area even better.

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Lib Dems call for Remain to Stand United


Lib Dem city councillor Jamie Dalzell used his speech to the Defend Democracy rally to call for a Government of National Unity to remove Boris Johnson from power.

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Chesterton Local highways bids - five progressed


As noted in a previous blog post I had to select five top bids to progress to the next stage of the LHI process.  I'm going to explain which ones I've selected, and some reasons for those as well as the ones I didn't progress.

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Sewage Works Development Update - the NECAAP forum

As residents will hopefully be aware, the Councils are in the process of preparing for the potential development of around ~7000 homes on the current site of the sewage works near to Cambridge North.

How wil this happen?  How will decisions about the shaping of this take place?


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West Chesterton parking upate 2019-08-17

Further to my last update on parking controls in West Chesterton this is a further update.

My intention is to ask residents of the chesterton triangle area and hurst park areas if they are willing to go ahead to ask the Ascham area if it will expand to be one large scheme covering all three areas.

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Chesterton Local highways bids 2019

This year the local highways process is slightly different, in that a cap of 5 bids per division has been placed.  The local County Councillor, me in the Chesterton case, has to rank the top five to go to the next stage of the process.  Read on to find out what bids have come in for Chesterton.

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Large funeral - 29th July @ 1pm

We've been alerted there is a large funeral St Andrew's Church on Monday 29 July at 1pm.  Alternative arrangements that Cllr Ian Manning put in place for traffic on St Andrew's Road to exit via the VIE estate will be in place.

Cambridge Liberal Democrats welcome Jo Swinson as Party Leader


Cambridge Liberal Democrats have welcomed the election of Jo Swinson, the MP for East Dunbartonshire, as the Leader of the Liberal Democrats.  Jo won the leadership election this afternoon, receiving 47,997 votes.

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Chesterton parking upate 2019-07-21

This blog post attempts to update residents on the status of residents’ parking across West Chesterton and East Chesterton.

There is an added level of complexity because the County Divisions do not match the City ones.  There is a Chesterton Division at County level, but West and East Chesterton Wards at City. This is important from an accountability perspective, as residents’ parking is a County matter.  I’ve tried to note in each area update which Division (County) and Ward (City) it is in.

Please read on for a summary of the main areas, and a lot of detail on the work that has been done since 2017 to find workable solutions.

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Lib Dems Call for Pesticide-Free Cambridge

pesticide_use2.jpgCambridge City Council would stop all use of pesticides by 2022 under plans submitted by local Liberal Democrats. The motion, to be debated at a meeting of the Council on July 18th, calls for the cessation of pesticide use within Cambridge’s open spaces in 2020 and the establishment of a strategy to phase it out completely, including around highways, within three years.

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