Lib Dem plans will make Cambridge fairer - Cantrill


Liberal Democrat Candidate Rod Cantrill has underlined the impact of aspects of his party’s manifesto proposals in Cambridge.

“Stopping Brexit is my absolute priority, so we can tackle the big issues we face like the climate crisis and making Cambridge a fairer city.” 

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West Chesterton Parking update - 2019-11-28

I'm very aware that I've not provided an update recently on the potential introduction of a residents parking scheme in West Chesterton.  This blog attempts to address this.
Due to numerous issues, including general workloads, and some other consultations that have overrun, the next formal step will be the County Council writing to residents in the Ascham Parking Area asking for their consent to expand their scheme to include the Chesterton Triangle and the Hurst Park Estate (inc those parts of Arbury road that are in the Chesterton County Division).
The area this scheme would encompass is shown approximately here.
At the moment, the best information I have is that this will not happen until early January.  Read on for some questions that I've been asked about this recently with answers.
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Lib Dems campaign for retention of Park Street public toilets, call-out Labour double standards

Cambridge Lib Dem councillors are this week launching a campaign to stop the closure of public toilets on Park Street in the city centre. Cambridge City Council is proposing to scrap the public loos – and not replace them – as part of its multi-million pound redevelopment of its own Park Street car park.

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Sewage Works Development Update 2

milton_water_treatment.jpegSince my last update we've had two further meetings of the forum, and a draft of the framework was due for presentation to Councillors at the end of November, however this has now been delayed due to the General Election.

This has also impacted on the timescale for this planning phase.  More details when we have them.

I've attempted to summarise what is being discussed in this blog post - this is very high level and brief.

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City Centre Team Welcome Market Square Study

Local Lib Dems have hailed the publication of a new feasibility study focused on improving Cambridge’s Market Square. Published by the City Council, the document looks at a range of ways the Square could be rearranged and refurbished to allow greater use by the community, whilst retaining a vibrant trading market.

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A new poll by respected polling company Survation shows that voters in Cambridge are backing the Liberal Democrat candidate Rod Cantrill to be the City’s next MP.

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Market Team Push Back Against Hostel Cuts

Market Councillor Tim Bick used October's meeting of Cambridge City Council to call on the County Council to halt the withdrawal of funding from specialist hostels for rough sleepers, with a particular focus on Willow Walk which is located within the Ward. His motion, seconded by fellow Market Councillor Katie Porrer, was passed unanimously by the Council.

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Lib Dems Provide Leadership at People's Vote March


Liberal Democrat MEP's and parliamentary candidates attending Saturday's People's Vote march in London led the way, providing Cambridge, South East Cambs and the Eastern Region with the leadership so badly needed at this time of political crisis.

Eastern Region MEP Lucy Nethsingha was joined by Cambridge parliamentary candidate Rod Cantrill and South East Cambs parliamentary candidate Pippa Heylings at the front of Lib Dem column.

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City Fibre cabinet installs must be delayed until a proper plan is in place - Cllr Ian Manning

cityfibre_cabinet.jpgCity Fibre is a project to provide super fast broadband to homes in Cambridge.  It started in the North of the City earlier this year, with a very agressive timetable of works to install cables under residental streets.

I've (Cllr Ian Manning) been working with officers to try and ensure the works are carried out in ways that don't unduly disrupt residents - many people have had serious issues with the work as it has continued.  

Most recently there have been complaints from residents about the location of the cabinets that support the connections to houses, and I've been following this up - I'm now demanding a freeze on more installs & authorisation of cabinets until after officers have met to agree a proper plan and involve local Cllrs and residents in the locations of the same.

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Lib Dems Call for King's Parade Barrier Rethink

Cambridge Lib Dems have called on the City Council to reconsider urgently its plan to install a barrier across King's Parade. The proposed installation, due to take place this autumn, would lead to loss of disabled parking spaces in the city centre and a substantially narrowed route of access for cycle traffic outside of peak hours.

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